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Kitchen Fire at 1202 Edgewater Drive - Hurricane Related

Kitchen Fire - LFD Truck Photo

Lakeland, FL (September 14, 2017) The Lakeland Fire Department responded to a house fire at 1202 Edgewater Drive at approximately 1:40 PM on Thursday, September 14, 2017. There was heavy smoke showing upon firefighters’ arrival. The fire began in the kitchen of the home but was quickly extinguished by firefighters and contained to the kitchen. There was extensive smoke damage throughout the home. The fire and smoke damage displaced two adults and three children. 

Lakeland Fire Department Fire Investigators believe the fire started in the kitchen upon power being restored to the home. This unfortunate event serves as an opportunity to remind residents that power is being restored across the City of Lakeland after the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Power being restored to a home can happen unexpectedly as electrical workers diligently make their way across the city, restoring power. If a resident does not currently have power and is waiting for it to be restored, it is important to make sure all appliances are disconnected or turned completely off. If an appliance, such as a stove, was left on when power was lost this can be a serious fire hazard. Appliances left on with combustible material(s) in, on, or near it can ignite those materials when power is restored; as was the case in this incident.

The Lakeland Fire Department reminds everyone without power to make sure appliances are off or disconnected. When power is restored the appliances can be turned back on or reconnected. This will provide an added measure of protection.

The American Red Cross is providing assistances to the displaced family.

Medic 2, Battalion Chief 1, Engines 31, 21,11, 41,12, Tower 15, Medic 32, Prevention 2, and Polk County Fire Rescue EMS were on scene.  

Photos from the incident are available at www.facebook.com/LakelandFD