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Notice from City of Lakeland Water Utilities

City of Lakeland water customers please take note that it is highly unlikely that the City of Lakeland’s water plants will go down during hurricane situations. 

The City of Lakeland has two water plants.  The main water plant has two power feeds, a primary and redundant failsafe, if one power feed fails there is a secondary line to power operations.  Each water plant also has a permanent emergency power generator that has been fueled and tested in case there is a total loss of utility power.  All pumping stations have generators as well. Both water plants will be staffed for operations during the storm event. All precautionary measures have been put in place, including the addition of having plant electricians onsite during the storm with the all the necessary tools on site for quick repair if needed. 

If you are a City of Lakeland water customer, there is no need to panic in trying to find water.  You may lose water due to the local impacts of Hurricane Irma but there will not be any large-scale water outages.  There may be small areas that will be without water, only if a large tree topples and causes a water main break.  If that is the case, only a small area will the impacted and repairs will be made ASAP. 

If you lose water during the storm event and after service is restored - a precautionary boil water notice will be posted.  Please bring your water to a rolling boil for two minutes before drinking or cooking.  After proper testing is performed, to ensure water safety, the precautionary boil water notice will be rescinded (usually after 48 hours) and you can use the water freely for drinking and cooking.