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Carpenter's Way Turn Lane Construction at US98 North Intersection

LAKELAND, FL (April 11, 2018) | The City of Lakeland is working with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to extend the westbound left turn lane on Carpenter’s Way at the US 98 North intersection. Construction is planned to start on Monday, April 16th and the work is expected to be completed by Monday, April 23rd.

Motorist tend to stack in the left-hand turn lane as they try to get on US 98 North. FDOT has maximized the traffic signal progression and timing efficiency at the intersection. The quick electronic fix improved the issue slightly. However, motorists continue to queue and in many cases, do not complete the westbound left-turn during a traffic signal sequence. Motorist are unable to enter the inside left hand turn lane when five or more vehicles are stacked in the outside left-turn lane. This action makes the inside turn lane unusable.

Angelo Rao, Traffic Operations Manager said, “Extending the length of the westbound left-turn lane in the order of 100 - 150 feet should facilitate additional motorists entering the inside left-turn lane.” He added, “This sharing of left-turn opportunities will increase the number of motorists clearing the left-turn maneuver - potentially up to six to eight more motorists should be able to clear the signal.”

It is expected that this improvement will increase the overall operational safety and efficiency of the intersection. During the construction, motorist can still make westbound left turns by using the outside left turn lane. Only the inside left turn lane will be impacted during the 24-hour per day construction project. The construction zone will be clearly marked and motorists are advised to use caution when traveling in the area.


Kevin Cook
Director of Communications