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[Update] New City Hall Security Measures Implemented April 30th

LAKELAND, FL (April 19, 2018) - Starting April 30th, Lakeland City Hall will have new enhanced security measures in place.  These measures include a new visitor management process that will have recently installed lobby doors at each floor locked and employees must to use their badge to gain access.  

Those visiting City Hall to attend a public meeting will not be impacted by the new security measures.  

Visitors going to an office destination to meet with a City of Lakeland employee will need to check in at the security guard station located within the reception area on the first floor of City Hall to receive a visitor pass. Once a visitor checks in, the security guard will call the designated contact for the Department/Division. The visitor will be met and granted access to their destination.

Those customers visiting the Permitting Center (Building permits, Tax Office) located on the 1st floor of City Hall must check-in with the security guard.  

City Hall has new way-finding signage that is color coded to better assist visitors along with newly constructed access doors at each floor.  Starting April 30th, these access doors will be locked and a badge must be used to gain access.

Kevin Cook
Director of Communications