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Joe Samnik, Expert Tree Consultant Will Evaluate Lover's Oak

Joe Samnik will be available to meet with the media on March 6th.

LAKELAND, FL (February 22, 2018) - On Monday, March 5th Joe Samnik, Expert Tree Consultant, LLC will be evaluating the tree known as Lover’s Oak located on the corner of Success Avenue and Lake Morton Drive. Samnik will conduct an advanced assessment of the tree. This type of analysis will provide detailed information about specific tree parts, defects, targets and site conditions.  He will be available to meet with the media and interested parties on Tuesday, March 6th at 10 AM at the Lover’s Oak location. He will not be able to meet with the media or interested parties the day of the evaluation on March 5th.

Samnik will be paid approximately $3,300 for the work and will incur an additional $1,500 that will be donated by his team for the Lover’s Oak analysis.  Samnik said, “The outcome after the analysis has been completed will be either removal or keep the tree with treatments and procedures to ensure its safety, health and welfare to the public.”  He added, “Either option will come with a complete written analysis based on the advanced assessment of the tree using specialized tools to help formulate my opinion of the tree.”

In order to do this type of detailed analysis, special tools will be used.  Samnik will use infrared photography to see the level of photosynthesis that the naked eye can’t detect. Tomography will also be applied to the Lover’s Oak. This is basically like a sonogram on a human. This test will be able to detect and quantify any decay that may adversely affect the tree.  A resistive graph will be done much like an electrocardiogram (EKG) on a human. An experienced climber will go aloft and inspect the upper portion of the tree to note any decay, cracks and other defects.

Samnik is a consulting arborist who has been in practice for over 50 years. He has dedicated his career to representing developers, professional engineers, landscape architects, attorneys, and insurance companies with the complex problems that relate to trees. Joe is uniquely qualified as a consultant with a special focus on tree preservation and resolving tree disputes. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for excellence in arboriculture.  He has been named an expert witness in over 800 litigation matters involving trees and landscapes.  He is the author of the Rule Chapter 14-40 of the Florida Statutes for the analysis and appraisal of trees in Florida.

Samnik has completed hundreds of risk assessments on trees in his 51 years of practice. He is a credentialed holder of the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification issued by the International Society of Arboriculture. He most recently led the team that saved the Baranof Oak Tree in Safety Harbor, Florida. He was the expert witness regarding the infamous destruction of the Toomer’s Corner Oak Trees in Auburn, Alabama. Samnik’s practice takes him across the nation evaluating the health and vitality of trees. His analysis formula was intellectually copyrighted and presented at the 2017 International Society of Arboriculture Conference. He has presented at over 95 international, national and state conferences.

Kevin Cook
Director of Communications