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Lakeland Fire Department Awarded Life Safety Achievement Award

LFD Prevention Team with Award

The Lakeland Fire Department was presented with a Life Safety Achievement Award for its fire prevention accomplishments in 2017 by the National Association of State Fire Marshals’ (NASFM) Fire Research and Education Foundation earlier this week. Award recipients were announced by Julius Halas, president of the NASFM Foundation. The award is sponsored by a grant from Grinnell Mutual.

“When we hear the fire truck coming down the street, see its lights, and hear its sirens, we know firefighters are responding to someone in trouble.” said David Miller, Assistant Vice President of Special Investigations at Grinnell Mutual. “What we want to recognize is that there are heroes that are doing a lot of things behind the scenes to save lives. The Life Safety Achievement Award recognizes fire departments for their fire prevention programs that have been proven to save lives year after year.”

The award recognizes the Lakeland Fire Department’s efforts in fire prevention that have directly contributed to reducing the number of lives lost in fires. Efforts at LFD include the diligent application of fire and life safety code, outreach and education programs, communications on multiple platforms to reach citizens, and proactive partnerships in the community. LFD is one of a handful of departments in the state of Florida to receive the award this year; the award recognizes zero fire deaths in 2017 or the reduction of fire deaths by at least 10 percent during the year. In addition, award recipients documented active and effective fire prevention programs, as well as a clear commitment to reducing the number of house fires in the community. There were zero fire-related fatalities in the department’s service area in 2017, and thus far in 2018.

Doug Riley, Fire Chief of the Lakeland Department shares “Everyone at the department is dedicated to fire prevention. I am proud to say that across all of the divisions at the department, our responders go above and beyond to create awareness and identify life safety hazards so that a loss of life in a fire doesn’t happen in our city. Our Prevention team, led by our Fire Marshal Cheryl Edwards, works tirelessly to apply fire code judiciously across our service area, and it shows in the low number of commercial-fire events we respond to every year.” Riley also adds “We take community outreach and education very seriously by sponsoring programs like smoke alarm installation drives, free smoke alarms, educational programs for all ages, interactive public safety campaigns, and more. It is rewarding to see our commitment to safety making an impact in our community.”