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Historic Preservation Design Review Committee Meeting 1.24.2019

Back-up Materials and Agenda Text 

The committee took the following actions at the January 24, 2019 Historic Preservation Design Review Committee Meeting: 


Project: # HPB18-198
Received: 09/18
Project Type: Replacement of Front Door
Address: 1061 Success Avenue; The Venetia Apartments

Passed a recommendation that the applicant research and propose a new door choice, to replace the existing door, installed without a permit or HPB review, to the Senior Planner for Historic Preservation, for approval.

Project: # HPB18-263
Received: 12/27/18
Project Type: Major Rehabilitation; Addition; Carport
Address: 806 W. Patterson Street; the “George and Viola Shotwell” House

The request proposes to build an addition of approximately 59 SF (10.33’ X 5.67’) to the west side of the house and a carport of approximately 200 SF (10’ X 20.1’) to the east side of the house.

The request was approved with conditions, applying to all new windows, to be reviewed and approved by staff prior to permitting.

Project: # HPB18-265
Received: 12/27/19
Project Type: Accessory Building Larger Than 300 Square Feet
Address: 829 Pennsylvania Avenue, The “Fred Eaton” House

The request proposes the new construction of a two-story garage apartment at the rear of the subject property. The garage apartment will consist of a single-car garage and open space on the ground floor and a 707 square feet accessory dwelling unit on the second floor.

architectural rendering of house with staircase windows

There was some discussion of the applicability of the staircase windows (shown in the diagram)

Staff recommendation of approval for the request as submitted was approved.

Project: # HPB19-002
Received: 11/12/18
Project Type: Demolition
Address: 116-118 W. Park Street

Staff recommendation was “As the request does not satisfy the demolition considerations as listed above, staff is unable to support the request and recommends denial of the request as submitted”.

The decision was postponed at the applicant’s request.

Project: # HPB19-003
Received: 01/03/19
Project Type: Minor Exterior Alteration
Address: 723 Ariana Street; the “J. P. Wheeler” House

In addition to installing new Hardie plank siding, the Applicant also intends to replace all windows with singlehung sash vinyl windows in a one-over-one lite configuration, matching the original window opening sizes.

Additionally, the front and rear entry doors are proposed to be replaced with fiberglass doors, with glazing to be determined. The enclosed front porch is proposed to be reopened and restored with new Hardie board-wrapped square columns. Finally, the house will be re-roofed with new asphalt shingles.

Staff recommended final approval of the request with the following conditions, to be reviewed by staff prior to permitting:

  1. Original architectural features, …must be maintained; anything replaced will be with fiber cement board of the same dimension, style, and profile as the original;
  2. The style of the exterior doors to be used must be submitted to staff; and
  3. Align the front porch columns with the upper beam such that the column capitals slightly overlap the beam.

Committee approved as recommended.

Project: # HPB19-006
Received: 01/03/19
Project Type: New Construction
Property Address: 322, 324, & 325 S. Lake Avenue and 810 E. Lime Street

Two three-story buildings are proposed. The proposed apartment buildings feature a contemporary aesthetic and monolithic massing featuring a combination of cladding styles, a modern fenestration pattern, and stylized gable and rounded parapets.

architectural rendering of two contemporary three-story buildings

Staff cited inconsistencies with the neighborhood and New Construction Guidelines in Historic Districts.

Staff recommended Conceptual Approval of the request with the following conditions, to be reviewed by the DRC for Final Approval at a future scheduled DRC meeting:

  1. To lessen the massing of the buildings, articulate the facades …
  2. Create a publicly accessible entrance feature on the E. Lime Street …
  3. Extend the buildings along S. Lake Avenue frontages ….
  4. Address the Juliet balcony railing from the ground floor units …
  5. Convert the gable and arch parapet features to a squared profile…
  6. … differentiate the ground floor wall … from the smoother textures of the second and third floors.

A dimensioned site plan and elevation drawings for this project will be required for Final Review and Approval by the DRC.

Applicant expressed agreement with changes as recommended allowing for setback issues.

Applicant asked the DRC for specific recommendations. Hoping to come back for final approval at next scheduled meeting.

Applicant asked for recommendation from the DRC to other departments for flexibility.

Teresa Maio, Planning Manager, committed to push to have alternative standards applied to the project.

Applicant said they are willing to change to be cooperative and improve their project with sensitivity to economic feasibility.

DRC asked for design to respect the name of the "Garden District" in the design.

Applicant promised to do that.

Staff recommendation was approved.

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