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City of Lakeland
Parks & Recreation
228 S Massachusetts Ave
Lakeland, FL 33801

(863) 834-6035


Bob Donahay

Deputy Director 
Pam Page

Mac McCarthy

Bob Glass

Lisa Lilyquist

Cleveland Heights
Brock Witmyer

Tom Wheatley


The City of Lakeland parks & Recreation Department have been around sinced the 1930's. We have and will always be a dedicated department to bringing a very unique and special quality of life to the City of Lakeland residents and visitors. A little More...

Mission and Core Values

The mission of the Lakeland Parks & Recreation Department is to promote and enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Lakeland by providing superior service and opportunities in recreation, golf, library, cemetery, and park experiences.

“Our Core Values”
Honesty We will always be truthful and fair

Responsibility We will take ownership of all that we do to earn the public’s trust

Excellence We will always strive for the best
Service We will exceed our customer’s expectations by providing exceptional value and quality

“Our Purpose”
To build a vibrant community with a superior quality of life

“Our Goal”
To create an exceptional city that celebrates diversity, offers safe, attractive neighborhoods; economic opportunity; quality public spaces; cultural enrichment and visual beauty