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2017 Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition

About the Competition

The 17th Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition is on display on the Lemon Street Promenade now through the end of 2017. Many may not be aware that the sculptures found on Lemon Street are a part of a special exhibit that changes annually. This year’s competition has brought a diverse array of sculptures to those blocks of downtown Lakeland.

A call to artists was put out in the fall of 2016 asking for sculpture submissions to be considered. A jury comprised of City staff, Polk Museum of Art representatives, and members of the arts community in Lakeland gathered to review and jury the pieces submitted. Over 41 submissions narrowing them down to the 10 to be displayed over the next year.

This year’s sculptures have been created from a wide variety of media including steel, cast bronze, glass, and even hosiery. The largest sculpture reaches a height of 25 feet – “Navigator” by sculptor Mike Hansel. Another piece is inspired by the cult Christmas classic A Christmas Story. The sculpture is titled “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” by sculptor Joni Younkins-Herzog.

Lemon Street Promenade

Covering 3 blocks of Lemons Street between South Florida and Massachusetts a visit to the sculptures is perfect for a quick weekend outing or over a lunch break.

According to Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Pam Page, “The sculptures on Lemon Street were introduced to provide free access to public art for all who live in and visit our community. We are fortunate to live in a city that recognizes the value public art introduces to our culture and well-being.”

Be sure to visit the City’s 2017 Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition album today to choose your favorite for the People’s Choice Award!

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