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Free Landscape and Irrigation Evaluations






You May Save Water, and Possibly Save Money with a FREE LANDSCAPE and IRRIGATION EVALUATION 

Contact Daphne McCann at (863) 834-6193 or to apply.


City of Lakeland Water Utilities and the Southwest Florida Water Management District are offering water customers with working in-ground irrigation systems using potable (drinking) water a FREE EVALUATION.  For a limited time, participants will receive, at no charge:

  • An irrigation system evaluation with site-specific recommendations
  • Landscaping evaluation with planting recommendations
  • Water conservation information
  • Assistance with your irrigation timer
  •  PLUS a free water conservation kit.


To be eligible, you must be a City of Lakeland Water Utilities residential, commercial, or multi-family customer using potable (drinking) water with an operable in-ground irrigation system. 

Not sure?  Need more information?  Email Us or call us at (863)834-6193 to ask questions or to apply.

Not a City Lakeland Water Utilities Customer?  Polk County Utilities and the cities of Haines City, and Winter Haven are also offering the Free Landscape and Irrigation Evaluation program!  Please check with your water utility for participation.

Polk County Customers Click Here For Polk County Utilities Landscape and Irrigation Evaluation information, or call Jacqueline Hollister (863)298-4100 for more information.

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