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Traffic Calming Options

Drive Like Your Swans Live Here Sign - Lake Morton

Lake Morton Traffic Calming

This survey ended on October 7th at 5 PM. Results will be posted soon.

The following are traffic calming options being considered for the Lake Morton Drive Traffic Calming Study, and we want to hear from YOU!

Which options do you think are best and what are your thoughts on how to make Lake Morton a safer place for our swans AND our humans?

  • Bulb-Outs

    Lakeland Bulb Out - Aerial

    Bulb-Outs reduce pedestrian crossing exposure to traffic, provide pedestrian refuge, increase the size of the sidewalk, help “book-end” parking, slow traffic down and are aesthetically pleasing.

    Photo: Orange Street at S. Florida Avenue

  • Landscaped Medians

    Parker Street Landscaped MedianLandscaped Medians provide pedestrian refuge, slow traffic down and are aesthetically pleasing.

    Photo: Parker Street, east of Massachusetts

  • Marked Parking

    Marked Parking LakelandMarked Parking better defines parking around Lake Morton Drive and helps slow down traffic by making the road “feel narrower”.

    Photo: Facing City Hall - 228 S Massachusetts Avenue

  • Raised Crosswalks

    Lime Street Raised Crosswalk

    Raised Crosswalks are elevated, slow down traffic, and provide a pedestrian walking zone.

    Photo: W. Lime Street in front of the RP Funding Center

  • Rectangular Reflective Flashing Beacons

    Lake Hollingsworth Drive RRFBRectangular Reflective Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) can be built-in or stand alone. They increase motorists' yielding to about 85%.

    Photo: Lake Hollingsworth Drive

  • Public Safety Campaign

    Lakeland's Swan ZonePublic Safety Campaigns, similar to the Polk County’s TPO’s “Pledge to Slow Down” campaign, have been proven to be effective.

    Example slogans:

      • Pledge to Slow Down
      • Drive Like Your Swans Live Here
      • You Are Entering Lakeland's Swan Zone (Include Pavement Markings)

    Photo: Lake Morton Drive