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2014 Survey


This campaign will become an annual part of the Strategic Planning process and will be used to understand and incorporate community values into our City processes. Look for updates on how you can participate starting in December!

2013 Community Values Survey Results

In an effort to delve deeper and fully understand citizenry opinions, the City, at the direction of the City Manager’s Office, developed and implemented an online survey seeking input from our Citizens on City services and programs. The survey was focused on what is valued by the community. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to register for one of five workshops to discuss their values and opinions in an open forum moderated by a neutral facilitator not affiliated with the City. Response data was then pulled and analyzed in statistical software and was presented to City Commissioners as a means to drive the Strategic Operating Plan, budgeting process and actionable items to be incorporated and funded in the upcoming budget cycle. 

Take a Look at the Results 


Download the full PDF file

View the recap report of the survey that includes the methodology, communication methods and campaign budget. 

View the original 2013 Survey.