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LakelandGov TV Schedule


07/10/20 - 07/16/20
Fri. - Wed. 12:00am-Zoning Board of Adjustments & Appeals
Fri. - Wed. 01:00am-Planning & Zoning Board
Fri. - Wed. 03:30am-Code Enforcement Board
Fri. - Wed. 04:30am-Race Relations Forum
Fri. - Wed. 07:30am-Agenda Study & Committees
Fri. - Wed. 09:00am-City Commission Meeting 07/02
Fri. - Wed. 11:30am-Utility Committee
Fri. - Wed. 12:00pm-City Commission Meeting 07/06
Fri. - Wed. 02:00pm-SWFWMD Board Meeting
Fri. - Wed. 04:30pm-Red Light Hearings
Fri. - Wed. 05:00pm-CRA Advisory Board
Fri. - Wed. 05:30pm-Race Relations Forum
Fri. - Wed. 08:30pm-Agenda Study & Committees
Fri. - Wed. 10:00pm-City Commission Meeting 07/06

Our next Live Broadcasts are Thursday 07/16/20 at 8:00am and Friday 07/17/20 at 10:00am The City Commission Budget Workshops, with Agenda Study & Committeess Meeting, Friday at 8:00am.

All LIVE meetings are rebroadcast on the same day they occur at 6pm if they have concluded, if not, they air at 6pm the following day.
To view any of the programs produced by the City of Lakeland, on demand, visit: Lakelandgov.net/TV (Meeting videos are indexed for viewing individual item discussions.)