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CRA Feature: Mirrorton

(For more information, visit www.mirrorton.com)


Once thought of as mostly quiet and part of the past, Lakeland is on the rise. With an evolving workforce, its population is growing. With Downtown offering more urban and eclectic experiences, its appeal is broadening. And with increasing demand for contemporary housing, its timing is perfect for something that’s never been seen before. At the heart of Downtown Lakeland is Lake Mirror. Surrounded by its promenade, this historic landmark is also a cultural hub. Home to concerts and festivals, as well as art shows and holiday celebrations, Lake Mirror attracts the crowds. And it reflects not only the past and present, but also the future. Because an entirely new standard for living is just a short walk away.

Under Construction: Expected Completion - Spring 2022

Photo Credit: Tom Hagerty Photography

Photo Credit: Tom Hagerty Photography

Photo Credit: Tom Hagerty Photography

Photo Credit: Tom Hagerty Photography


Welcome to Mirrorton, a transformative development that complements and redefines Downtown. With 305 apartments and townhomes set on 13.5 acres, Mirrorton is designed to be both nestled in and a seamless extension of its surroundings. Its urban neighborhood design and planning emphasize the street-level pedestrian experience, and the building architecture combines traditional brick and stucco materials with a contemporary massing and aesthetic. Mirrorton truly stands apart. It blends precedence with innovation, establishes new norms, and beckons you to drive less and stroll more. For Downtown Lakeland, Mirrorton is an unrivaled community. And for the surrounding area, a refreshingly urban and exciting lifestyle to consider.

CRA Incentives to Developer: $1.76 Million Dollars + Tax Increment Financing

Private Investment: $60 Million Dollars