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Neighborhood Outreach Office

MISSION: “to serve as the primary point of contact to align citizens and government actions so that working together we provide an exceptional quality of life in the City of Lakeland.”


Join us in congratulating our 2022
Neighborhood Association Coalition Chair and Vice-Chair!


Tonya Rogers, 2022 NAC Chair

Tonya Rogers, 2022 NAC Chair

Raymond Winterhalt, 2022 NAC Vice-Chair

Raymond Winterhalt, 2022 NAC Vice-Chair


Hispanic Festival!

On Saturday October 23rd 2021 the N.A.C. had the pleasure of participating on the annual Hispanic Festival @ Lake Mirror. The N.A.C. had a booth at the festival which was manned by some of our community leaders who volunteered their time to help promote the work that the communities are doing and encouraging those who haven't joined to join the Coalition. The N.A.C. booth was a huge success and we also took the opportunity to promote our next big event the MLK Parade in which the N.A.C. will also be present and showing our support. 


Westgate Central & Jesse Keen Elementary Partnership

This is the second Little Free Library for Jesse Keen Elementary sponsored by the Westgate Central Neighborhood. After a lot of effort and work put in by the Westgate Central Neighborhood Association, school faculty and the Neighborhood Outreach Office, the students now have a easily accessible Little Free Library right at the student walkers entrances where they can take and leave books. These have been a success so far and we hope to work with the L.F.L. Subcommittee of the N.A.C. to help distribute many more.



Neighborhood Identification Sign Installations

23/24 signs have been installed
(as of 09.01.2021)Click here to see full photo gallery of sign installations.
Special thanks to Digitech Graphics Group for a job well done!


2nd Little Free Library Workshop
Hosted by Family Worship Center

See full gallery here: 2nd Little Free Library Workshop
Check out this step-by-step guide to assembling our very own Little Free Library kits!

Your NAC at Work!

Your N.A.C. at work!

The Neighborhood Association Coalition has formed a group of 4 Subcommittees to help with some of the projects that are currently being worked as part of the Coalition's goals. The 4 Subcommittees are:

  • The Community Garden Subcommittee
  • The Communications Subcommittee
  • The Little Free Library Subcommittee
  • The LIFT Lakeland Subcommittee

These subcommittees are tasked with continuing the worked that has already been started by the NAC and working with the NAC to expand them. We are very excited for what the people involved in each of them will do in the near future.

Illegal Dumping

Call 834-DUMP to report illegal dumping in the City of Lakeland

For more information, including monetary rewards, go to www.lakelandgov.net/DUMP



1st Little Free Library Workshop
Hosted by Cleveland Heights Neighborhood 

Little Free Library Workshop Group photo

Check out this step-by-step guide to assembling our very own Little Free Library kits!



With a vision to promote safe and standard neighborhoods, the City of Lakeland's Community & Economic Development Department began its Neighborhood Improvement Program in 1988.

In 1999, the Neighborhood Outreach Office was established to coordinate the City’s effort to respond more effectively to the needs of neighborhoods by working with residents. The goal of this office is to preserve stable neighborhoods, stabilize traditional ones and give new birth to deteriorating neighborhoods.  The office has been most effective under that charge; however, due to the rising expectations of neighborhoods, it has become essential that we focus on an increased collaboration of governmental services.  New efforts to communicate and coordinate services within and among various City departments prove to be more beneficial to our neighborhoods.  This approach assists with providing a coordinated response to problems, issues and/or opportunities that are of concern to the neighborhoods. Teams of employees with diverse areas of expertise are utilized to solve problems.  By using the unified approach and drawing on the expertise of departments throughout the City, issues are addressed in a proactive manner.  This approach simply focuses on providing a neighborhood-based City service delivery system utilizing the extensive network of existing City services in the community.

The City of Lakeland has identified approximately 100 geographic neighborhood boundaries and of that 30 neighborhoods are registered associations. We encourage all neighborhoods to register as it will enhance the city-citizen relationship. The neighborhood outreach office staff is the focal point to communicate with the city. The office will offer a neighborhood liaison service to increase access to resources, build knowledge, foster communication, train and register neighborhoods, promote collaboration, and encourage community-based partnerships.

For a full directory of neighborhood leaders, click here