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Requesting an Educational Program from the Lakeland Fire Department

If you represent an organization that could benefit from LFD’s fire safety and community outreach programs, please complete the following form and someone will respond within 7 business days to inform you if the request can be met. 

Before requesting a program please keep in mind:

  • Priority is given to educational organizations like schools, daycare centers, and community/non-profit groups providing a service or event that aligns with the the department's fire safety and health goals.  
  • Fire department personnel and apparatuses do not make appearances at private parties or for-profit functions (e.g. grand opening event for a new business, birthday parties, etc.)
  • No request for programs and events on Sundays or holidays, please. 
  • The department works very hard to accommodate every request it receives however due to limited resources, training demands, and a high volume of emergency response calls handled by the department we can not accommodate all request. We apologize in advance if this is the case. 

Before requesting, please read each program's description here to pick the most fitting program for your school/group/event.

If not associated with an organization, you may leave this value blank
Provide Area Code Ex. (863) 834-8200
Ex. 9:30 AM
Please provide an address. Keep in mind we can only provide educational programs within our service area. Visit the About Us section to see a map of our service area if you are unsure if the provided address is within our service area.
An accurate age range allows us to tailor the education program to appropriate for the audience.
Provide an approximate amount of people we can expect.
Please add any information about your event or organization here so that we can better understand your needs.
Terms and Agreement