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The Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition



The 20th Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition is on display on the Lemon Street Promenade now through the end of 2020. Many may not be aware that the sculptures found on Lemon Street are a part of a special exhibit of sculptures that rotate annually. This year’s competition has brought a diverse array of sculptures to those blocks of downtown Lakeland.

About the Competition

In the fall of 2019, artists submitted applications through an online application process for consideration in the 2020 show. A jury comprised of City staff, Polk Museum of Art representatives and members from the local arts community gathered to review the pieces of art. Artists submitted more than 70 sculptures for review, with the jury picking 11 of the very best to be displayed along Lemon Street.

The 10 pieces of art cover three blocks of Lemon Street between South Florida and Massachusetts Avenue. The artwork along the Lemon Street Promenade provides a great aesthetic that can be enjoyed on a weekend stroll or during a lunch break. This year’s sculptures offer a variety of different mediums. One can find a peacock made of silverware with Flaminio Antonio’s “The Elegance of Simplicity,” to the hard metal shapes and lines in Rollin Karg’s “Second Chance.” This year’s sculptures feature two from Polk County, “Rusty the Robot,” on the corner of South Florida and Lakeland’s own Keith Williams’ “Seasons of Life.”

Pam Page, Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation, said, “The sculptures on Lemon Street were introduced to provide free access to public art for all who live and visit our community. We are fortunate to live in a City that recognizes the value of public art that introduces culture and well-being.”

2020 People's Choice Award

Congratulations to this year's People Choice Award Winner, sculptor Flaminio Antonio's Ruthless

Meet the Artists

  • Flaminio Antonio | Ocala, FL

    Flaminio Antonio sculpture of peacock made of silverware

    A Note from the Artist

    This sculpture is composed of hundreds of forks, spoons and knife handles. Its base is a car rim, along with a pedestal made out of a squared tube.

    FLOSC Sculpture

    The Elegance of Simplicity
     Scrap metal/forks/spoons/knife handles; mixed media

    Learn More

    Visit Flaminio Antonio Sculptures on Facebook to learn more about the artist!

  • Flaminio Antonio | Ocala, FL *People's Choice Winner*

    Antonio Flaminio mixed media shark (metal) sculpture

    A Note from the Artist

    This sculpture is composed of hundreds of pieces of scrap metal, iron, and steel—all of them in good condition. Every piece has been welded with mig and coated electrode. The shark is anchored to a metal base. It is painted with a special clear lacquer that protects it from weather corrosion.

    FLOSC Sculpture

     Scrap metal, iron, steel; mixed media

    Learn More

    Visit Flaminio Antonio Sculptures on Facebook to learn more about the artist!

  • Matthew Duffy | Washington, DC

    Matthew Duffy metal heart sculpture

    A Note from the Artist

    An easily-recognizable heart form, with an interesting geometry, and play between front/back, interior/exterior; the industrial nature of the aluminum diamond plate is balanced by the warm red of the interior. The low-polygon form was developed with an advanced algorithm and cut with a water cannon.

    FLOSC Sculpture

    Low-Poly Open Heart (RIDE)
    Hydro-Cut Welded Aluminum Diamond Plate, Tractor Paint

    Learn More

    Visit mlduffy.com to learn more about the artist!

  • Noelio Gonzalez | Orlando, FL

    Noelio Gonzalez sculpture (metal) - Eagle bust

    A Note from the Artist

    The Eagle is a national emblem, representing strength, audacity, and most of all, freedom. Freedom is made of metal rebars flowing through space creating a flow of energy rising to the sky with waves that create a shadow of transparency to form The Eagle.

    FLOSC Sculpture



  • Rollin Karg | Kechi, KS

    FLOSC Sculpture

    Second Chance

    Learn More

    Visit RollinKarg.com to learn more about the artist!

  • Maria Kirby-Smith | Camden, SC

    Maria Kirby-Smith Sculpture - Bronze - Boy reading a book

    A Note from the Artist

    A seated child looks up in an inspired moment from reading a poem by Langston Hughes.

    FLOSC Sculpture

    Inspired by a Poem

    Learn More

    Visit mjkirby-smith.com to learn more about the artist!

  • Joey Manson | Central SC

    Joey Manson abstract metal sculpture in green and blue

    A Note from the Artist

    “Prevail” is a sculpture that references the moment a seedling emerges from dormancy. This work examines repetitive cycles and singular events of significance, as well as the ability to overcome adversity.

    FLOSC Sculpture

     Painted steele

    Learn More

    Visit JoeyManson.com to learn more about the artist!

  • Paul Russell | Brookfield, IL

    Paul Russell steel sculpture - dragonflies and plants

    FLOSC Sculpture

    Ancient Protocol
    Steel/zinc-nickel plating/patina

    Learn More

    Visit TheChicagoBlacksmith.com to learn more about the artist!

  • Juan Vazquez | Doral, FL

    Juan Vazquez Sculpture - woman on sphere (metal)

    FLOSC Sculpture

    Gliding in Time
     Stainless Steel


  • Keith Williams | Lakeland, FL

    Keith Williams Metal Sculpture of a bee and a flower

    A Note from the Artist

    This beautiful Hibiscus and Honeybee piece was designed out of retired Honey drum lids from Kelley's Apiaries. 9' tall and welded to an industrious blacktop. It provides the passerby with a snapshot of the beauty around us. Each season of life is represented from left to right, bud to a petal.

    FLOSC Sculpture

    Seasons of Life
     Painted metal

  • In Memory of Mae Lee | Lake Wales, FL

    metal robot sculpture - in memory of Mae Lee

    FLOSC Sculpture

    Rusty the Robot

    The artist of this piece wishes to remain anonymous.

Lemon Street Promenade

Covering three (3) blocks of Lemon Street between South Florida Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue, a visit to the FLOSC sculptures is perfect for a quick weekend outing or a quick lunch break.

According to City of Lakeland Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Pam Page, “The sculptures on Lemon Street were introduced to provide free access to public art for all who live in and visit our community. We are fortunate to live in a city that recognizes the value public art introduces to our culture and well-being.”

Which sculpture is YOUR favorite?

Walking Tour

Developed by the City of Lakeland's GIS Team, this website will take you through the 2020 Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition!

Audio Tour by Otocast

Introducing FLOSC's very first audio tour! Powered by the Otocast app, all you need to do is download and install and turn your location on to find the FLOSC 2020 tour with excerpts from the artists themselves about each FLOSC 2020 sculpture.

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