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Overnight Temporary Lane Closure at Lakeland Hills Boulevard and Carol Drive

LAKELAND, FL (March 7, 2018) - The inside travel lanes on Lakeland Hills Boulevard (SR 33) at Carol Drive will be temporarily closed starting Saturday, March 10th at 7 PM. The temporary lane closure will be for 12 hours with work scheduled to be completed at 7 AM on Sunday, March 11th.

FDOT has requested the City of Lakeland’s Traffic Operations Division to assist with the temporary closure of Lakeland Hills Boulevard (SR 33) at the Carol Drive median opening.  The closure is necessary so Traffic Operations can install a temporary plastic curbing that will restrict eastbound Carol Drive traffic from crossing multiple lanes to go north on Lakeland Hills Boulevard (SR 33).  The modification will restrict left turns out of Carol Drive at Lakeland Hills Boulevard. Drivers will continue to be able to make left and U-turns from northbound and southbound Lakeland Hills Boulevard (SR 33).

Diverted Carol Drive eastbound traffic wishing to go northbound via SR 33 will be directed to other alternative routes (Robson Street and Griffin Road).  FDOT is currently programing the permanent concrete median modifications in their work program and anticipates this future construction within 3-4 years.  According to FDOT the project is needed to improve intersection safety and reduce the risk of vehicle crashes by minimizing the crossing of multiple lanes of traffic to make a turn.  

The work is being done at night during off-peak hours to minimize the impact to traffic.  The area will be properly signed warning drivers about the construction and lane closures. Motorist that may use Lakeland Hills Boulevard at the Carol Drive intersection are asked to find an alternative route or avoid the area during the scheduled construction time period.

Kevin Cook
Director of Communications