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City Clerk's Office
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Section 39 of the City Charter states: There shall be a city clerk who shall be appointed according to law and who shall act under the supervision of the finance director. The finance director or the assistant finance director shall serve in the absence of the city clerk. The clerk shall attend all meetings of the city commission and shall keep a journal of its proceedings, which shall be certified to by the signature of the clerk and the presiding officer of the city commission. The clerk shall be the custodian of the seal of the city and of all contracts, records and papers of a general character pertaining to the affairs of the municipality and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned. No contract on behalf of the city shall be valid unless countersigned by the clerk

  • Administers City of Lakeland Municipal Elections, the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority Board Elections, and the Civil Service Board and Pension Board Elections;
  • Records minutes and maintains the legislative history of the City Commission;
  • Maintains contracts, leases, deeds, and other official documents;