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Please note screening measures are in place to enter the libraries. Masks and temperature checks are required. Questions regarding travel will be asked.

  • Link to RB Digital emagazine collection
    Access Your Favorite Magazines

    Download and read the latest editions of your favorite magazines on your tablet or mobile device for free with RBDigital.

    Create an account with your library card and start browsing your favorite magazines.


  • Writers @ LPL

    Do you want to write but can’t figure out how or where to begin? Join us Wednesday, September 2nd from 6 PM-8:50 PM for a virtual discussion: Writing: How do I start? Where do I go from here?

    We’ll discuss how getting to know yourself will uncover the type/topic of writing with which to begin. You’ll also learn tips and techniques on what to write and how to develop your writing after you begin. Please register for this GoToMeeting meet up.

    For more info, contact Brenda Patterson at (863) 834-4276  or Brenda.Patterson@lakelandgov.net.



  • Lakeland Books by Mail

    Live in Lakeland and want to have your library materials mailed directly to your house? We have a new pickup location in our online catalog and library app to get your requested materials mailed to you! 

    Choose Lakeland Books by Mail as the pickup location for your holds or contact library staff and let them know you would like your materials mailed instead of made available for pickup.

    For more information, please contact the Lakeland Public Library at 863.834.4263.

  • Link to Lakeland Public Library Flickr
    Magnificent Flyers

    Between the two World Wars, Civilian Aviation was a big part of Lakeland's history. Great flying weather, flat surfaces, progressive economy, and a developing culture of "air-mindedness" poised Lakeland to be the center of aviation in Florida between 1920-1940.

    Enjoy this photographic stroll through air mail, flight training, and aviation in Lakeland, showcased from our Digital Collection through Flickr.


  • Link to Lakeland Public Library Creativebug
    You're more creative than you think.

    Love to craft? Want to explore your creative side? 

    Meet Creativebug, your online resource for all things crafty. Learn new craft techniques for all skill levels and watch classes anytime, anywhere.

    Create a free account with your library card to enjoy unlimited access to over 1000 online art and craft classes!

    There’s no pressure, just possibilities! Get started today and explore your creative side.


  • Link to Freegal music
    Build Your Song Library

    Access millions of songs and artists. Download and keep 5 songs each week absolutely FREE! Plus, 24/7 music streaming is now available until September 30th! Even better? 15,000+ Music videos are available too!  All you need is your library card.