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Book Clubs 

Book clubs are a great way to meet other readers, discover new titles to enjoy, and engage in meaningful conversations about books. We have three book clubs that we think you’re going to enjoy.

  • Book Club April 7th
    Books Sandwiched In

    Looking to expand your reading palate? Books Sandwiched In is guaranteed to expose you to something you may not have thought to try before. From poetry to science fiction this book club explores a variety of genres and formats.

    Books Sandwiched In meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Lakeland Public Library. A limited number of the next month’s book titles are available for purchase at each meeting.

    For more information contact Librarian Brenda Patterson at 863.834.4276 or at brenda.patterson@lakelandgov.net

    Next Meeting: TBA
    Next Discussion Title: TBA


  • Literar-e book club

    Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure stories? Well, this is a choose your own story book club!

    Each month participants in this book club will select a title based on the theme of the month and everyone will discuss their selection at the meeting.

    Don’t worry if the theme has you stumped. The eLibrary will have suggestions available that you can check out.

    Literar-e meets the third Thursday of each month at the eLibrary.For more information contact the eLibrary at 863.838.4507.

    Next Meeting: TBA
    Next Theme: TBA


  • The Reserve book club
    The Reserve

    Want to discuss that popular new title you just finished? We're here for you! If Oprah or Reese added it to their list, it’s probably on ours too. This is the book club for anyone who wants to read on trend.

    Each month The Reserve will discuss a recent best-selling book, select a title for the next meeting, and pitch suggestions for future book club titles.

    The Reserve meets the first Thursday of each month at the Lakeland Public Library. For more information contact Angel Davis at 863.834.1828 or angel.davis@lakelandgov.net.

    Next Meeting: TBA
    Next Discussion Title: TBA