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Assessment Services

Assessment Services provides testing for the City of Lakeland’s pre-employment and promotional job opportunities.  Testing is conducted in accordance with the City’s Civil Service rules to support City Ordinance Article 1, Section 13; “The civil service board shall provide for examinations in accordance with such rules and regulations so adopted, and shall at all times maintain a preferred and regular list of persons eligible for employment under the civil service of said city.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if an assessment is required for a position?

The job posting will indicate an exam date toward the end of the posting to indicate that an exam is  required.

How will I know that I am invited to take an assessment?

Once the position closes all candidates are evaluated based on the minimum qualifications of the position.  If you meet the requirements for the position you will be sent an email outlining the testing date, time, and location.  Please check your email frequently to ensure that you do not miss a testing date.

How will I know if I passed or failed an assessment?
Once all assessments for the position are graded you will receive and email with your overall score and the required passing score (cut score).

If I pass the assessment does that guarantee an interview?

A passing score does not guarantee an interview for the position.  The hiring manager will select the candidates based on their experience and assessment score to determine which candidates they will invite for an interview.

How long is my test score valid for?

Test scores are valid for 18 months.  Police and Fire assessments are valid for 24 months.

When can I retest for an assessment?

You can retest for an assessment after 6 months.  Some candidates decide to retest to increase their score.  If you received a test score below the passing requirement you can test to enhance your score above the passing requirement after 6 months.  If you passed the assessment prior, you will still have the opportunity to retest after 6 months to enhance your score.  When you decide to retest your most recent score will become your new score and all prior scores will no longer be valid.

If I have a valid test score for a position do I need to reapply or will I be considered for future positions while my test score is valid?

The hiring manager has the ability to consider prior applicants with valid test scores for positions, but this is not guaranteed.  To ensure that you will be considered for future opening we encourage you to apply for each posting.

How will I know that my prior test score is no longer valid and I am required to take the test again?

If you have applied for a position and your prior test score is no longer valid you will receive an email from Assessment Services inviting you to take the assessment.

If I qualify for veteran’s preference points will they be added to my assessment score?

Veteran’s preference points will be added to your assessment score if you meet the passing score requirements for the assessment.