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Creating a vibrant, innovative, culturally inclusive world-class community
MISSION: Partnering with the community to deliver superior services and opportunities in Recreation, Library, Golf, Cemetery and Park experiences


 is the highly successful summer recreation program for kids. Located at City recreation facilities and various schools throughout the City. Camp BLAST offers children endless opportunities for enrichment including weekly trips, onsite games and activities and service opportunities. June 15th - August 7th (8 weeks). Monday – Friday  7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Elementary: Camps Adventure or Explore, Simpson Park Community Center and Teen: T.A.S.C. and Teen Camp II. Click HERE registration dates and more information.      

CRAGO PARK It is our newest park for the Parks and Recreation Department. As we as more features we will expand on its page so check out what we have done so far. Click HERE

FLORIDA FRIENDLY LANDSCAPING PROGRAMS see these amazing lectures, open house, demonstrations, etc around Lakeland and polk county. Click HERE for more information

MONARCH JOINT VENTURE Q&A about research related to tropical milkweed and monarch parasites click HERE for more information








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