Se7en Wetlands

The City of Lakeland owns and operates a Wetland Treatment System which provides tertiary treatment or final polishing for all of the City’s wastewater. Se7en Wetland is a series of ponds or “cells” providing natural treatment of the impounded water. Located south of Lakeland, the Wetland is comprised of over 1600 acres of marshes, swamps, and lakes. In addition to the treatment provided, the Wetland offers an outstanding and dynamic habitat for a diverse community of plant and animal species. Enter this living, breathing, functioning ecosystem and learn more about this remarkable place.

"Let us permit nature to have her way.
She understands her business better than we do."

—Michel de Montaigne

A Day in the Life: Wetland Cell 5, Sun Up to Sun Down

Watch for alligators in the morning, "dancing" birds on the tree limb, cloud formations in the afternoon, and a glorious sunset.