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Citizen Perspectives

Citizen Perspectives is an innovative new tool designed to engage helpful community participation into the City's decision-making process.  The tool was developed by the City of Lakeland as a way to get actionable insights from citizens to help resolve issues that impact our community.  The information collected through Citizen Perspectives is valuable in making the community better because your voice will be part of the outcome.

Current Study

Close-up/waist-to-shoulder photo of a desk with paperwork and a construction helmet strewn about and two men shaking hands as if having just made a business deal

Vendor Preference

Citizens of Lakeland, we would like to invite you to participate in our newest Citizen Perspectives Survey: Vendor Preference that proposes local vendors bidding on City projects/services are allowed a price differential based on percentage points. The Lakeland City Commission is considering a policy change that would allow local vendors receive bid awards even though their pricing may be higher. For example, if a vendor from outside the local jurisdiction submitted the lowest responsible bid and a local vendor submitted a higher bid that was within the allowable percent points of the lowest bid, the local vendor would get the contract.

Past Studies

Solid Waste Recycling Solutions Survey

Modern recycling is sorted by machines and people, so Lakelanders can very simply recycle their clean plastic containers, glass containers and metal containers and paper in their blue carts. Last year, Lakeland recycled 16 million pounds of plastic & glass bottles, cans, plastic containers, cardboard, and paper. “Contamination” in recycling means items that are not accepted because the facility cannot process them, plastic bags, plastic wrap, and other plastic film are the biggest source of contamination in Lakeland.

Lake Morton Swan Sign

Lake Morton Traffic Calming Survey

This survey ended on October 7th at 5 PM. Results will be posted soon.

The following are traffic calming options being considered for the Lake Morton Drive Traffic Calming Study, and we want to hear from YOU!

Which options do you think are best and what are your thoughts on how to make Lake Morton a safer place for our swans AND our humans?

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