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Design Review

Design guidelines were established to provide guidance on compatible changes to and treatment of existing historic district properties, as well as to assist in the development of sensitive new construction. The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation are used as the basis and reference for Lakeland's Design Guidelines. Design Guidelines provide standards by which the Historic Preservation Board's Design Review Committee and staff evaluate whether alterations to existing buildings and new construction in the historic districts are architecturally appropriate. A Certificate of Review will be granted if the proposal is consistent with the Design Guidelines, and must be granted prior to the issuance of building and demolition permits. These Standards and Guidelines are used by the Historic Preservation Board to evaluate all exterior alterations, demolitions, and new construction within the City's seven historic districts.

Design Review Process

Design Guidelines

  • A Guide to the Exterior Design of Buildings in the Beacon Hill, Dixieland, South Lake Morton, East Lake Morton, Lake Hunter Terrace, and Biltmore/Cumberland Historic Districts. These Design Guidelines apply to the Residential Historic Districts.
  • The Dixieland CRA Commercial Corridor Design Guidelines addresses design of the commercial structures located within the Dixieland Community Redevelopment Area and Dixieland Historic District, located on both sides of Florida Avenue between West Walnut Street and Lenox Street.
  • The U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary's Standards for Rehabilitation are the design guidelines for existing buildings within the Munn Park Historic District and also form the basis for design guidance in the residential historic districts.
  • A Guide to the Design of Non-Historic Buildings in Munn Park Historic District (Document under ADA Review) is a resource for the design of new structures in the Munn Park Historic District.
  • Sign Guidelines for the Munn Park Historic District (Document under ADA Review) is a resource for designing new signage within this commercial historic district.


Applications for a Certificate of Review