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About Us

The department's has an ISO Class rating of a 1; the best rating a fire department can have.

Established in 1916, the Lakeland Fire Department has a rich history of service as a career fire department. The department has seven stations serving approximately 100,000+ people in the City of Lakeland. The department has 179 employees, of which 156 are emergency response personnel. In 2019, the department responded to over 25,500 service calls in its 84 square-mile response area, which includes the city limits as well as portions of unincorporated Lakeland.

The department offers a wide range of services which includes heavy rescue, technical rescue, fire prevention, fire code enforcement, fire investigation, aircraft rescue and firefighting, and in-house fleet maintenance; all in addition to the high quality level of fire suppression and emergency medical response that the department is known for.

The Lakeland Fire Department is also passionate about being an active participant in its community and consistently giving back through philanthropic efforts and through non-emergency services such as community outreach and preventative public education.