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Bag-Free Recycling

recycling contest mailbox

Recycling Sticker & Contest

To create a bag-free recycling habit, we invite you to participate in a cool curbside contest!

Lakeland’s Spot-the-Sticker Contest Instructions: 

  • Step 1: Check your mailbox for a letter with a ‘no bagged recycling’ sticker. *If you don’t have a sticker contact us.
  • Step 2: Place this sticker on the lid of your blue cart as a reminder to leave recycling loose in your cart by June 19th.
  • Step 3: Lakeland will randomly select winners for a gift card where the sticker is ‘spotted’ and recycling is unbagged in the blue cart!

FREE Recycling Tote (using our new form requires your account number from your utility bill)

Lakeland makes it simple to get your recycling from your house to your blue cart with indoor recycling collection bags:

  • Place or hang your tote near your trashcan to separate plastic metal and glass containers, paper, and cardboard.
  • When full, transport your recycling to your blue cart. 
  • The coated bags can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or soap for infinite reuse!
  • One tote per household or business that has a City of Lakeland recycling cart

Get your free collection tote

Front of tote bag

Back of tote bag