Post-Hurricane Collection Information


FEMA debris collectors will make THREE (3) passes to collect debris between September 18th and November 17th, 2017. With each pass, they will collect from the road's edge up to 10 feet into a property. Property owners must move debris into that same 10' for the second and third pass collections.
FEMA will NOT pick up anything further than 10' from the road's edge.

Separating Your Debris Infographic - City of Lakeland

Residential & Commercial Customers

RESIDENTIAL Garbage Collection will resume our normal service schedule beginning Monday 9/18. Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste bagged or containerized only will be collected on your normal service day. 

ALLEY CUSTOMERS: If your alley is not accessible by vehicle due to debris. Please place your garbage curbside until your alley is accessible. *** All vegetative debris generated by the hurricane must be placed curbside for collection. It will not be collected in the alley.***

RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Customers: Please try to place garbage and recycling carts in unobstructed areas as much as possible.

COMMERCIAL will resume all services on your normal scheduled day beginning Monday 9/18. 

Debris Removal FEMA Graphic

FEMA Debris Removal - Guia Para Recogido de Escombros - Infographic

Debris Collection

The City of Lakeland's FEMA Debris Removal Contractors will begin collecting debris on Monday, September. 18th.

Please note that debris collection is a SEPARATE OPERATION from the City's Solid Waste Division.

Debris in Alleys

If you are unable to place large debris on the road because a tree, etc. was cut down in your alley, our debris contractor will go in the alley. However, we do not have an exact timeline for these specific pickups yet.

All questions regarding debris removal should be directed to 834-IRMA.

Important Notice

We service customers inside the city limits of Lakeland.  If your garbage can is gray, and your recycle bin is yellow, you are a Polk County customer and therefore not serviced by the City of Lakeland.  Please call Polk County Solid Waste and Recycling at 863.284.4319.

Holiday Collection Schedule

There are six holidays that potentially impact collection schedules. Click here to view upcoming holidays and how they may affect your service.

Your Account

Solid Waste & Recycling services begin when your Electric and Water Services are turned on at your home. Service is stopped when electric and water services are turned off at your home.

Residential services are provided once per week automated garbage collection, automated recycling collection and yard waste collection. Bulk yard waste items are collected only on a call in basis.

Commercial dumpster services are provided using 1 cubic yard up to 8 cubic yard containers, which can be collected 1 to 6 times per week based on your needs. 

Roll-off container services can be provided for large construction projects producing construction & demolition debris. Please contact customer service for a free quote for your construction project.