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The Lakeland Fire Department is very proud to announce and congratulate Driver Engineer Stuart Curk on becoming the first certified Aircraft Master Firefighter at LFD! D/E Curk is a highly knowledgeable veteran of the department, with over 34 years of service. D/E Curk is far too humble to ever bring attention to himself, but the department is proud to share the good news with the community! 

The Airport Master Firefighter (A.M.F.) certification is a significant one to have because it serves to show that the firefighter has mastered the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting body of knowledge essential to manage an airport emergency, an airport fire department, and its administration and management.

The certification program requires several years of experience as an airport firefighter in addition to several years of regular firefighting experience, the completion of a 40+ hour training program, the completion of three National Incident Management System (NIMS) courses, and successfully passing a grueling 150 question exam that can only be taken once. Phew! No easy task. 

This certification is beneficial to the people of Lakeland and those served by the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, in having a highly knowledgeable firefighter in the event of an emergency situation.

The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) and the Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Working Group (ARFFWG), collectively known as the ARFF Training Alliance, designed this certification to enhance the knowledge and career ambitions of Aircraft Rescue Fighters regardless of rank. It is a self-study program structured to provide ARFF personnel with an enhanced knowledge of ARFF Operations. If you would like to learn more visit .