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Safe Haven for Newborns

“Safe Haven for Newborns," a not for profit organization, was established in 2001 following the Florida Safe Haven Law that was enacted in 2000.  "Safe Haven" allows mothers, fathers or whoever is in possession of an unharmed newborn, approximately seven days old or less, to leave them at Safe Havens: any hospital, staffed fire rescue station, or staffed emergency medical service station, with no questions asked, totally anonymous, free from fear of prosecution. The Hospital will contact a participating private adoption agency who will then arrange placement of the newborn with a waiting family.
The Safe Havens: hospitals, fire rescue stations and emergency medical service stations working to receive these babies coupled with the identity protection of the parent, make this law an effective tool in preventing unnecessary deaths of newborn citizens of the state of Florida.

For more information regarding Florida Statutes and Safe Haven, please visit or

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