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This production has been 100 years in the making. Enjoy this visual journey into the Lakeland Fire Department's (LFD) history. The video features exclusive photos of the department from as far back as 1902 to today, as well as interviews with retired LFD firefighters.  It highlights the way the department has progressed to become the modern, progressive, and well respected department it is today. It also features the work LFD has and continues to do for Lakeland and the people that make it possible.  The department celebrated its Centennial Anniversary August 16, 2016.



Fully Involved: What it means to be a Lakeland Firefighter

Learn about an exciting career in the emergency response field directly from some of Lakeland's Firefighters. This film highlights the diverse work Firefighters do; it's so much more than just fighting fires! Through the Firefighter's personal stories, you'll also get to learn more about the Lakeland Fire Department and the rewards of serving your community.