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Commercial Structure Fire at Rubber Roller Manufacturer Finzer Roller

Commercial Structure Fire at Rubber Roller Manufacturer Finzer Roller

Lakeland --- At approximately 3:00 PM, the Lakeland Fire Department (LFD) responded to a structure fire at Finzer Roller located at 733 Kraft Road. A fire began in a rubber by-product filtration mechanism located outside of the company’s manufacturing building.

The filtration mechanism is located directly outside and adjacent to the main building where manufacturing takes place and is connected to the manufacturing building through a duct system. Although the exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined by state investigators, the fire is known to have begun in the filtration mechanism (pictures attached), likely as a result of some friction created in the normal manufacturing process. The fire did spread to the main manufacturing building as a result of the connection through the duct system but did remain contained to the ductwork.

Firefighters quickly contained the structure fire and by 3:22 PM it was out. 11 employees were working at the commercial operation at the time of the fire. All employees were safely evacuated and no injuries were reported. The incident did occur in unincorporated Lakeland in the Lakeland Fire Department’s Outside Protection Area and any further investigation will be handled by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Finzer Roller is a rubber roller and specialty coating manufacturer.

Engines 71, 41, 21, Heavy Rescue 14, Rescue 42, Battalion 1, and county emergency medical services responded. The scene was cleared by approximately 4:45 PM. 

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