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Adult Fire Safety Programs

Fire Extinguisher Training

This workplace safety program reviews the most common fire hazards in the workplaces and uses activities for employees to identify ways to make their work place safer. Employees will learn the proper response to a fire in your place of business, review your place of employment’s emergency plan and learn how to properly use fire extinguishers.  This thirty to forty-five minute training is presented at your location.    

*** This program is not designed / intended to meet any requirements set by the Florida Department of Children and Families. LFD does not currently offer any training classes to meet DCF requirements, as there are no statutes in the State of Florida's Fire Code which mandate any such class or certification. ***

Let's Retire Fire

Adults in health care facilities, nursing homes and adult living communities will benefit from a series of questions and answers that review kitchen and fire safety, Exit Drills In The Home (E.D.I.T.H.), and falls prevention.