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4620 U. S. Hwy 98 South
Lakeland, FL 33812
(863) 834-3287

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7:30am - 4:00pm

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Cemeteries Division

The City of Lakeland Parks and Recreation Department, Cemeteries Division mission is to provide a peaceful and well-maintained burial park for the citizens of Lakeland. The Cemeteries Division operates and maintains 6 cemeteries at two locations.

The oldest cemeteries are Lakeview, Roselawn and Tiger Flowers, located at the corner of Ingraham Avenue and Parker Street. The spaces at these location's have been sold out for several years, however, approximately 30 burials per year are conducted at this three-cemetery complex. Buried here are Civil War Veterans, Lakeland Mayors and Park Trammell, Attorney General, Governor and United States Senator.

Oak Hill, Laurel Hill and Temple Emanuel Cemeteries are located at 4620 U. S. Hwy 98 South, Lakeland, FL 33812, approximately one mile North of Highland City. The Oak Hill Burial Park was dedicated in 1926 and consists of 200 acres of property, 120 acres of which are developed. A Veterans Section is available for the veteran and spouse. The Oak Hill Cemetery group is the largest perpetual care cemetery in Polk County.

A perpetual care fund, derived by investing a portion of current revenues, guarantees an exceptional quality of care in the future

The Oak Hill Cemetery group has three types of spaces available.

Adult Spaces
Cremation Spaces
Infant Spaces
Please call for prices

The Cemeteries Division conducts all opening and closing of graves, providing a portable tent and chairs for the family