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Plastic Containers

plastic containers for recycling

Plastic bottles and containers:

Not all plastic is created equal—that is why not all plastic is recyclable in your blue cart.

Keep it simple: Recycle plastic bottles and containers only.
Following the chasing arrows just makes you dizzy! ♻️

Rule of thumb: If it is a clean and empty, plastic container or bottle, recycle it!

Examples of recyclable plastic containers:

  • Beverage bottles (water, soda and juice) 

    Reattach lids to recycle them or dispose of lids
  • Food containers (yogurt, cups, dairy tubs, deli food and soup containers)
    Dispose of lids
  • Soap bottles (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, dish washing soap, non-flammable cleaners and laundry detergent)
    Remove dispensing pumps and dispose, lids can be replaced or disposed
  • Most plastic containers found in the kitchen or bathroom
    Avoid bottles containing flammable or automotive fluids)

All plastic containers should be clean and empty (no food or liquid)

Plastic Bags/Wrap

WHY No plastic bags or wrapping? These materials and other stringy things get tangled around recycling equipment affecting workers and damaging machines. Please leave recycling loose in the cart "not in bags".