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Unacceptable Materials: Plastic Bags & Film


Unacceptable: Plastic Bags & Wrap
Plastic bags and plastic wrap are the biggest problems for today’s recycling technology.

What is plastic wrap or film?
Plastic wrap or film is the thin plastic that is used in wrapping bulk items like water bottles or paper towel rolls.

Two reasons NOT to include plastic bags, wrap or bagged recyclables in recycling:

  1. Bagged recyclables pose serious risks to worker-safety at the recycling facility as the bags get caught in recycling equipment, shutting them down completely. Up to four times day, workers have to cut the tangled bags free from recycling sorting equipment. 
  2. Bagged recyclables are dangerous to workers since they do not know whether the contents of the bag is recyclable material, non-recyclable household garbage or worse! Would you open a bag if you didn’t know what is inside of it?

Where to recycle bags and wrap:

Plastic bags and wrap must be collected separately in designated recycling programs.

Check local grocers like Publix or check this website for a location near you.

Recycling (MRF) equipment with tangled plastic bags