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Residential Trash

The Solid Waste Division serves all residences within the city limits of Lakeland.

Residential Trash, Recycling & Yard Trash Collection Service Day Map


Services we provide:

  • Weekly Automated Garbage Collection 
  • Weekly Recycling Collection
  • Weekly Yard Waste Collection
  • Bulk Collection & Special Pickup Service (Please call or email us to schedule a pickup)
    (Bulk Collection & Special Pickups include items such as mattresses, furniture, & large appliances.)

EZCAN Instructions

  1. Place ALL items INSIDE cart. 
  2. Place cart curbside  no later than 6:00 AM on your collection day.
  3. Place the cart curbside with the red arrow on the lid pointing toward the street.
  4. Keep carts at least three feet away from other carts, mailboxes, fire hydrants, low hanging trees or shrubs, parked cars, and utility poles so trucks can easily access the cart.
  5. Do not load your container with hot ashes or coals, recyclable items, household hazardous waste or medical waste, liquid paint, or any yard waste such as bagged or loose grass, leaves, or small branches.

Spacing of 3 to 4 feet for your containers placed at the curb

Leave 3' to 4' between your carts and between the mailbox or other objects.

Missing a Container?

If your trash or recycling containers are missing from your location, please contact our offices at 863.834.8773.   We will deliver a new container and send you a Lost Container Form to fill out and return to us within two weeks.   

If the Lost Container Form is not returned, you will incur a $60 replacement container fee.