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Lakeland Couple Gives a Personal Thanks to Engine 51 Crew After Life Saving Actions

Local residents, retired couple Ralph and Mary Capozzi, wanted to personally thank the firefighters responsible for saving Ralph’s life in a medical call ran on October 15, 2013 by LFD’s Engine 51. 

Ralph Capozzi was playing a game of racquet ball at the YMCA located at 3620 Cleveland Heights. After wrapping up the game, Ralph headed into the locker room to freshen up where he later fell unconscious. He was found unresponsive by a YMCA employee. The quick-thinking employee used an AED defibrillator, commonly found in most business today, to assist Mr. Capozzi until further assistance arrived. Emergency service were called and Engine 51’s crew quickly responded and provided basic life support services. Ralph made it through and is very grateful for the high quality service provided by Lakeland Firefighters, which he credits for saving his life. 

In a small ceremony held at Station 2 on January 16, 2014 , near the Cappozi’s home, the couple personally thanked each firefighter involved and presented a thank you card to Engine 51’s crew as well as the additional firefighters available at Station 2 during the gathering.

The Lakeland Fire Department is sincerely dedicated to providing the highest level of emergency service to its community. Heart-warming stories like these are a testament to that. Firefighters involved in the life saving call were Lt. Leon Boatwright, Driver Engineer Mike Thomas, and Firefighter Clayton Kiddey. 


Lt. Boatwright and FF Kiddey with Ralph and Mary Capozzi

Right to Left: D/E Henderson, FF Orozco, Lt. Boatwright, FF Kiddey, Mary Capozzi, Ralph Capozzi, Bat. Chief Williams

Thanking the Firefighters

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