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Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division falls under the command of the Chief of Police. This division is the "behind-the-scenes" section of the Lakeland Police Department.  The areas covered by the Administrative Services Division include the Quartermaster, Facilities & Fleet, Personnel Services, and the Finance section, which is responsible for payroll and purchasing for the Department. 

Additional areas with the Administrative Services Bureau include:

  • Oversees the police department budget.
  • Researches, plans, writes reports and maintains grants
  • Creates, edits and publishes the Lakeland Police Department’s Annual Report
  • Coordinates the annual staff day-away goal-setting session
  • Collects and compiles data for the annual racial profiling report
  • Responsible for recruitment and hiring of police officers.


Division Manager

Chaplaincy Corps

Planning and Research

Facilities and Fleet


Recruitment, Hiring and Background Investigations