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Roger Mallory, General Counsel

Kimberly Ham, Legal Assistant

Angelica Ostberg, Legal Counsel Assistant

Office number: 863-834-6994

General Counsel

The Police General Counselor is responsible for representing the Police Department in litigation, preparing contracts and other legal documents to facilitate police operations, and providing legal advice to senior police managers. Generally, the employee works independently of the City Attorney; however, the employee is expected to cooperate with the City Attorney and Risk Manager in protecting the interests of the City as they relate to civil liability arising from police operations. This position reports to the Chief of Police.

Additional responsibilities include:
1. Review of police department policies and procedures to ensure compliance with law.
2. Review of proposed disciplinary action to ensure compliance with law.
3. Preparation of legal bulletins on changes in law affecting law enforcement.
4. Assists the department with in-service training of department personnel regarding statutory and case law developments.