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Uniform Patrol

The Uniform Patrol Division of the Lakeland Police Department provides public safety services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service. The Uniform Patrol Division played a key role in answering just over 101,000 calls for service to the 98,608 population of the city.

The Uniform Patrol Division is committed to the philosophy of community policing as the fundamental manner in which police services are delivered and used as an operational strategy that promotes a dynamic partnership between the citizens and their police. The premise is for both the community and their police to work together to identify, prioritize, and solve contemporary problems such as crime, the fear of crime, social and physical disorder, and general neighborhood decay, with the goal of improving the overall quality of life in the Lakeland community.

The two day shift squads work 0630-1830 hours and are allotted seventeen officers including one K-9 officer, one SPV officer, and five PSA’s. The day shift squads are supervised by one lieutenant and three sergeants that are geographically assigned as are the officers on the squad.

The night shift squads work 1830-0630 hours and have eighteen officers including two K-9 officers and one SPV officer geographically assigned in the city. Each night shift is supervised by one lieutenant and three sergeants that are geographically assigned as are the officers on the squad.

There are two power squads, commonly referred to as the Alpha/Bravo power squad’s that supplement the four patrol squads. Each power squad is comprised of eleven officers and is supervised by a total of 4 sergeants and one lieutenant. The power squads’ schedules (days and hours) are set to ensure that they are working during the peak call for service times particularly assisting on the weekends when we tend to deal with larger crowds/incidents and have less support personnel on duty.

In 2012 we had an overall goal of reducing crime (Part 1 Crimes) by 30% in a two year period. We did very well in our effort but the goal still needs to be met. This will be the second year in this effort to reduce crime. We will continue to work with the other bureaus, divisions, sections and units of the department so that we can make this goal and reduce crime and improve the quality of life for those visiting and living in Lakeland.

Our members continue to be our greatest asset and we will continue to strive and provide so that all can do their jobs and enjoy their work.