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John Ingrassia-Sr. Chaplain

John Bishop
Mike Cooper
Britt Franklin
Ruth Garcia
Matt Gilmore
Emile Hawkins
Dianne Kelter
Lee Lallance
Greg Robinson
David Sharrett (Auxiliary)


Chaplaincy Corp

Chaplains are called upon by officers when they believe a Chaplain would be helpful or appropriate. The Chaplaincy Corps provides guidance, counseling, and comfort in time of crisis to Police personnel, victims or community members. Chaplains serve as a resource to the community when requested by an officer or a citizen in time of personal or family crisis. They may also be dispatched during disasters as requested by emergency personnel.

Chaplains can provide support to both Department and community members in the following ways:

Department Support

  • Act as a buffer between citizens and officers
  • Ride-along with officers
  • Lead prayers at briefings
  • Offer confidential counseling
  • Provide Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Attend neighborhood events
  • Offer grief counseling

Citizen Support

  • Assist officers in death notifications
  • Offer post incident care
  • Offer domestic violence assistance
  • Invocations at civic events



The Police Chaplaincy Corp is comprised of members who volunteer their services to the Department and members of the community during times of crisis, sorrow, or conflict.