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Robbery Investigation - Suspects Amanda Henson and Douglass Thornton

Lakeland Police responded to a disturbance in progress at 3:51 am after a 911 call was received by victim, Allen Randolph THOMAS (age 57), stating he had been attacked. The victim stated he was being attacked by a male and a female and was at Lake Mirror near a park. During the call a male and female voice could be heard in the background involved in a disturbance. A male voice could be heard telling the victim to “give him his son”. The victim advised that the white female attacker had a pink shirt on. Officers responded to the area and were unable to locate a victim. At 7:18 am, a call was received from a citizen that an unresponsive adult male was seen in a parking lot at 515 East Orange Avenue. Officers arriving in the area found the victim deceased with a contusion over his left eye. His eyes appeared to be swollen and cell phone was missing.


Officers utilized security cameras in the area and were able to obtain images of the two suspects and the victim interacting. The victim was observed attempting to leave the area and the suspects were observed moving toward the victim. All three moved out of camera range and, a short time later, the suspects were observed leaving the area on foot. Suspect, Amanda N. HENSON, DOB: (W/F, DOB: 8/25/86) was located in the 600 block of Kentucky Avenue. Suspect, Anthony Douglass THORNTON, (W/M, DOB: 2/21/80) was also located in the

downtown area of Lakeland. The victim’s cell phone was located in Thornton’s pocket.


During interview Henson stated that Thornton had directed her to take Thomas’ cell phone during the altercation. Henson did take the cell phone from Thomas and later gave it to Thornton. Henson also confirmed that Thomas had tried to get away from Thornton, but Thornton pursued him because he believed Thomas had something to do with Thornton’s son. During interview with Thornton, he stated that he was with Henson and saw Thomas walking in the area. Thornton stated that Henson told him that Thomas had taken his son. Thornton then approached Thomas and initiated a confrontation. Thornton stated he did punch Thomas and Thomas fell to the ground.


Both suspects admitted to smoking K2 prior to the event occurring. The investigation indicated that Thomas was not known to either suspect prior to the robbery.


Thornton was arrested for Robbery w/o Firearm/Weapon (F2)

Aggravated Battery Causing Bodily Harm/Disability (F2)

Henson was arrested for Robbery w/o Firearm/Weapon (F2).

Both were transported to Polk County Jail. This investigation is ongoing pending

autopsy report.

Additional information becomes available.

Media inquiries should be directed to 863.860.4178.



Missing/Endangered Person Larry Langford

UPDATE:  Mr. Langford was located at approximately 2100 hours at Lakeland Highlands Road and the Polk Parkway.  He is unharmed and safe.


Lakeland Police are searching for missing/endangered person Larry Langford, W/M, age 53, 5’10” tall and weighing 200 pounds.  Langford went missing at 0830 hours on 6/4/16 from the Lake Wire Retirement Center, 315 West Peachtree Street, Lakeland, Florida.  

Langford has a medical condition and is on medication.   Langford is on foot and was last seen wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants. Langford is bald with gray hair, beard, and mustache.  If you come into contact with Langford, or have information of his whereabouts, please contact police immediately. 

Police have attempted to track with K-9 and saturated the area in an attempt to locate Langford. 

Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

The Lakeland Police Foundation (Foundation) is ecstatic, and remains a little stunned, to have very recently received a donation from a single donor of approximately $1 million. We intend to honor the wishes of the donor to not publicly broadcast identification information and to honor the donor’s direction that the dollars be used to cover all the Foundation costs required to now construct and maintain the “Fallen Heroes Memorial” park. The donor has also directed that the balance of the donated dollars be used by the Foundation for the other specified, non-profit purposes for which it was created; including the funding of eligible students who wish to become police officers and to enter and complete the police academy. 

We owe a very important duty to report this amazing development to all those persons and businesses now considering, or who will yet consider, donating to the Foundation while directing that the funds, labor and/or materials donated be used exclusively for the construction or maintenance of the “Fallen Heroes Memorial” park. This duty also extends to those City of Lakeland employees who, via payroll deduction, are now making donations to the Foundation for the specific purpose of the “Fallen Heroes Memorial” park. The Foundation hastens to underscore, however, that it fully intends to enjoy a perpetual existence to serve not only current members, but past and future members of the extended “family” of the Lakeland Police Department (LPD) through the police memorial park, but also in other manners for which we were created. Providing for the continuity of the Foundation will support and strengthen the services the LPD “family” provides to our community for many, many years to come.

Among the purposes specified by the Foundation in achieving its status as an IRS- designated non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization, “near and dear” to our hearts, is that we want to “be there” for past, present and future members of the LPD “family” in their darkest hours. Those occurrences, when, through no fault of their own, they have suffered the worst losses, injuries and hardships and “need a helping hand” to get them through. And, on the brighter side, to provide grants to those LPD “family” members who have demonstrated both financial need to achieve worthy educational goals and the aptitude to achieve them.

For the reasons stated, the Foundation will continue to solicit donations from caring persons and organizations, and to endeavor to raise funds with the goal of never having to tell a worthy LPD “family” member applying for reasonable assistance from the Foundation that we don’t have the funds. We ask that you please consider us in your future, charitable plans.

Further, the Foundation wishes to publicly acknowledge and express its heartfelt gratitude for all donors who have provided funds for the construction and maintenance of our “Fallen Heroes Memorial” park. And we would be remiss to not also communicate our debt of gratitude for the approximate 1,000 people who have registered for our first inaugural 5K run, thereby providing additional funding to the Foundation for the “Fallen Heroes Memorial” park. Your generosity has “warmed our hearts,” and we will forever be grateful to you. We sincerely hope that you will, in the not-too-distant future, be able to visit the completed “Fallen Heroes Memorial” park and know, in your heart, that you have helped to bring this perpetual and public expression of the honor we bestow on police “fallen heroes” into being.


The Lakeland Police Department will join with departments across the state in the Click It or Ticket Enforcement Campaign. The enforcement runs from May 16th, 2016 thru May 30th, 2016 at midnight. Officers from the Lakeland Police Department will be monitoring our roadways for safety belt usage and issuing citations during this campaign and citations for failure to wear your seat belt. The fine is $114 .00. It only takes two (2) seconds to “click” your seat/safety. Florida State Statute 316.614 specifically addresses seat belt usage and the following information is being provided /disseminated in advance of the event to educate the public on seat/safety belt usage. It is unlawful for any person:  To operate a motor vehicle in this State unless each passenger and the Operator of the vehicle under the age of eighteen (18) years are restrained by a safety belt or by a child restraint device pursuant to Florida State Statute 316.613 , if applicable; or To operate a motor vehicle in this State unless the person is restrained by a safety belt. It is unlawful for any person eighteen (18) years of age or older to be a passenger in the front seat of a motor vehicle unless such person is restrained by a safety belt when the vehicle is in motion.The ”Click it or Ticket” initiative is designed to increase public safety awareness about the us age of seat/safety belt usage and our goal with participating in this campaign is two (2) fold; to gain compliance with State law, and to save lives.