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Autumn Burgess
35 years old
W/F, 5’2”, 130 lbs.
Brown hair, Blue/gray eyes
LKA: 918 S Tennessee Avenue #6

Ms. Burgess was last seen on March 9, 2015, at 918 S Tennessee Avenue #6 at approximately 1:00 p.m. She was wearing jeans, black tank top and a white beanie cap. Ms. Burgess always wears the white beanie cap.

Ms. Burgess has not taken her medication and may display defensive behavior. She believes that “people” are out to get her and hurt her. Please approach her with caution. 

Ms. Burgess moved here from Tennessee four months ago.

Anyone with information on the location of Autumn Burgess is asked to contact Investigative Aide Charlene Ali at 863-834-8974 during business hours , or the Lakeland Police Department at 863-834-6900 after 5:00pm.

LPD Event #15-4759
Investigative Aide Ali
Bulletin CS #15-09

On March 9th at 3:13 pm, the Lakeland Police Department responded to a pedestrian hit by a train at 200 N. Kentucky Avenue.  Officers arrived and located the pedestrian, Sheena Keynna Miller, 27 years of age lying in the grass with a broken right arm. The CSX train, with 27 rail cars, clipped her side and according to a witness, and Miller went airborne and landed west of her location.

The investigation revealed that Miller was walking north bound with her head down looking at something in her hand when she crossed the railroad tracks on the sidewalk west of the crossing arms. The Conductor and Engineer also observed Miller looking down at an unknown object in her hands. The crossing gates were down at the time and the engineer activated the train horn however Miller did not react to it. The train came to a stop approx. two blocks west of this location.

Miller was transported to LRMC as a trauma alert at the time and her condition is unknown at this time. No criminal charges are expected to be filed by the Lakeland Police Department. Miller did state she have a cell phone in her hand and did not hear the train horn and did not see the crossing arms down when she crossed.


Adelina L. Munroe
B/F, 5’2”, 130 lbs
Brownish orange dyed hair, Brown eyes
16 years old
LKA: 1550 Hawkins Way

Adelina was last seen at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 1550 Hawkins Way. It is unknown what she was wearing at the time she left the home because everyone was asleep. Adelina has cut marks on both wrists.

Munroe is taking medicine for depression. She does not have any criminal history.

Possible addresses Munroe may go to are 639 W 4th St (grandfathers’ address) or 818 N Ohio Avenue (grandmothers’ address). She may also frequent Dakota Apartments to see her friend “Didra”, unknown apartment number.

If anyone has information on the location of Adelina Munroe, please notify Lakeland Police Investigative Aide Charlene Ali at (863) 834-8974.

On March 2nd, the Lakeland Police Department responded to the Sunglass Hut, 1481 Town Center Drive. The store manager advised that she arrived to work at 9:55am and discovered that the front door was damaged and that and she could see that the store inventory of designer glasses were missing. Unknown culprit(s) removed the glasses from the display racks. $119,000.00 in merchandise was stolen.

The alarm system was damaged with parts of it located on the floor.  The alarm was set the previous day according to a representative however it did not activate during the burglary. Detective are following up on the burglary and reviewing evidence at this time. The store is closed at this time.