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On July 23, 2014, a dark colored vehicle was traveling southbound in the inside lane on State Road 37 (South Florida Avenue) in the 2600 block.  The vehicle drifted left of center and entered the shared center turn lane where construction workers were located.  The vehicle struck several construction barrels and subsequently struck a construction worker, later identified as Shelby Kenneth Shull, 44 years of age.  The collision with pedestrian Shull resulted in his death.  The vehicle failed to stop after the impacts and continued southbound.  

Investigative leads resulted in information that the vehicle at the time of the crash was a black 2006 Jeep Wrangler and was being operated by Dustin Halstead, 21 years of age.  The vehicle was located and an Inspection of the vehicle revealed biohazard on the hood.  The vehicle was impounded as evidence and processed for the aforementioned biohazard inside the Lakeland Police crime lab.  The samples were submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for DNA comparison with the blood obtained from decedent Shull.  FDLE Lab report revealed a DNA match between the samples.

On Wednesday October 15, 2014 at approximately 2:30 p.m., Dustin Halstead turned himself into Traffic Homicide Investigator Michael Catalano on the charge of - Leaving the Scene of a Crash involving Death, a first degree felony.  Halstead was transported and turned over to the Polk County Jail in Bartow.

On Monday, October 13, 2014 at 2:13 p.m., the Lakeland Police Department responded to Southwest Middle School in reference to a bomb threat. It was determined that a note containing a bomb threat had been turned in to a teacher, who notified the school administration. The school administration immediately implemented an evacuation of the school. LPD officers conducted a search and determined that no bomb existed and students were returned to classes.

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 11:30 a.m., a note was found by a student and turned in to the school office that contained a bomb threat. The school administration again implemented an evacuation until a search could be conducted. LPD officers responded and conducted a search of the school turning up nothing.

On October 14, 2014, an anonymous tip was received indicating information that could identify a suspect. Officers conducting the investigations into the two bomb threats followed up on the information and subsequently identified two students who were involved in the bomb threats.

On October 14, 2014 at 1:43 p.m., an 11 year old female was arrested for Bomb Threat/Making False/Hoax (F-2) for the bomb threat on October 14. She was transported to JAC. Subsequently this student was charged with a second count of Bomb Threat/Making False/Hoax (F-2) for her participation in the bomb threat from Monday, October 13, 2014. 

On October 15, 2014 at 11:00 a.m., LPD officers arrested a second 11 year old female student who was identified as having participated in the bomb threat to Southwest Middle School on October 13, 2014. She was charged with Bomb Threat/Making False/Hoax (F-2) and transported to JAC.

Many hours of school were disrupted and valuable police and school resources were utilized as a result of these threats. Parents, guardians, friends, family, please impress upon the students you know that these bomb threats are taken seriously and you will be arrested and charged. These are felony charges!


Brittany Paige Moore was located the evening of October 14, 2014 and is safely back home.


The Lakeland Police Department needs help locating a missing juvenile. Brittany Paige Moore was last seen on Sunday, October 12, 2014 at approximately 2:30 p.m. at her residence in north Lakeland. A note located indicated that she may try to go to Tampa and wants to be with her father who lives in Texas. Brittany was last seen wearing a turquoise top with “Pace” on it, blue jeans and flip flops. 


Brittany Paige Moore
15 years old
5’4”, 130 lbs
Black hair (last seen with it in a ponytail)
No physical or mental disabilities

Anyone with information on the location of Brittany Paige Moore is asked to contact Charlene Ali at 834-8974, Detective Weech at 834-8959 or 255-1631, or after hours, please contact LPD Communications at 834-6966.

On September 17th, the Lakeland Police Department (LPD) began an administrative investigation into the unwanted contact between an officer and LPD employee. The officer in question is Robert L. Manrow who is currently assigned as a Canine (K-9) Officer. The victim and Robert Manrow had previously been engaged and living together and their relationship ended on August 13th, 2014. The victim had warned Manrow on numerous occasions to stop contacting her.


Robert Manrow moved out of the residence between on the 15th or 16th of August, 2014. On August 21st, the victim was startled in her residence by Manrow after he entered without permission or invitation through the garage with a garage door remote. The victim ordered him out of the residence, and he complied.


On August 24, 2014, the victim arrived home to find Manrow within her fenced in area at the rear of the residence. Manrow allegedly was at the residence to retrieve a few personal items he had not secured prior. However, no arrangements had been established for him to return the property. Once he got these items, he was again requested to leave.


Between September 3rd and 7th, Manrow contacted the victim via her cell phone, text messages and a social media site harassing her placing a well-founded fear in the victim. On September 8th, Manrow allegedly sent text messages and photographs to the victim who replied, “Enough is Enough”.


On September 9th, supervisors met with Manrow and gave him a direct order to stop all contact with the victim.


On September 13 and 20, 2014, Manrow made statements to fellow employees of his displeasure with the situation and also directed these comments towards another witness (LPD male employee). Manrow suspected that the victim and witness had developed a relationship.


On September 21st, at approximately 2:25 a.m., the victim and witness observed a male approaching the residence. The witness stated that the male appeared to be Manrow. The victim and witness secured themselves inside the residence in fear for their safety and reported this to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.


The victim stated she requested Robert Manrow to stop contacting her approximately 10 times since August 13th and she stated she was in fear for her safety.


On October 11th, at approximately 1:00 a.m., the Lakeland Police Department arrested Manrow at his temporary address for Aggravated Stalking (Domestic Violence) and transported him to the Polk County Jail.  Sgt. Gary Gross, spokesperson says, “The Lakeland Police Department holds itself highly accountable to the laws and policies that govern society and we will not tolerate any officer misconduct. It's unfortunate that this incident occurred and have no doubt that Officer Rob Manrow will be held accountable for his actions”.


Based upon the timing of his arrest, Marrow has been placed upon paid administrative leave for the time being, pending further evaluation. This is still currently an ongoing criminal investigation as well as an administrative investigation and no other details will be released.