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On October 21, 2014, the victim, Gerald Brown Jr purchased 5 morphine pills from Travis Dykers. Brown ingested the pills and then drove to Ocala where he was found deceased on 10/22/14 at his residence. The death was initially investigated by the Ocala Police Department. After it was determined that Brown had purchased the pills in Lakeland, the case was turned over to LPD to be investigated.

On July 16th, the case was presented to a grand jury and an indictment was issued against Travis Dykers for 1st degree murder and delivery of morphine. On July 17th, Dykers was arrested at his residence located at 1230 Duncan Avenue.  

On July 14th, the Lakeland Police Department arrested Wayne Beckley and charged him with 21 counts of child pornography. The witness who shares a home with Beckley also shares a common computer and they have individual passwords for their accounts. On the night of July 12th, Beckley had been on the computer and walked off when the witness noticed what appeared to be child porn images displayed on the computer. On July 14th, the witness called the Lakeland Police Department. Consent to search the computer was obtained by the officer and the witnesses along with Beckley agreed to be interviewed by detectives.

Beckley admitted to being in possession of naked images of under aged children and that he often fantasizes about under age females as young as five years old. Beckley also had a photo album with 12 images of child pornography next to his bed. Several additional photographs containing sexual implied positions of female children were located throughout the residence for a total of approximately 100 images. Additionally, Beckley’s cellular phone contained at least one photograph of a sexual battery with a child under the age of 12. The victims are unknown at this time.

Based on the above investigation, Beckley was charged with 21 counts of Possession of Child Pornography.  The investigation continues as detectives conduct a forensic examination of the computer and cellular phone.

Arrested: Wayne Jeffery Beckley, 58 yrs old

Promotion Ceremony

A promotion ceremony has been scheduled for Friday, July 10, 2015, at 3:00 pm, in the First United Methodist Church Wesley Center (new building), located at 72 Lake Morton Dr. Lakeland, Florida 33801.

Captains Ruben Garcia and Victor White will be promoted to Assistant Chief of Police, Lieutenants Hans Lehman and Sammy Taylor will be promoted to Captain, Sergeants Brent Addison and Mark Melius will be promoted to Lieutenant, and Officers Joseph Parker, Richard “Brian” Wallace, and Jasper Yzaguirre will be promoted to Sergeant at this time

On June 28th, the mother of an 11 year old called the Lakeland Police Department after she discovered disturbing text messages between her child and his teacher from this past school year. The arrestee, Alecia Dotson, 45 yrs old, is employed by the Polk County School Board as a Paraprofessional at Highlands Grove Elementary where the victim attended as a 5th grade.

There were approximately 100 text messages sent back and forth between the two. On June 28, Dotson sent a text message to the victim asking to pick him up and take him to the library. The mother decided to check her son’s cell phone and discovered several inappropriate text messages sent to her son. While the Lakeland Police was at the mothers house conducting an investigation, Dotson again sent a text message saying, “Love bug what are you doing” and “I’ll be sure to tell her we won’t have sex on the first visit…LOL.”

The Special Victims Unit began an investigation on June 29th and had control of the victim’s cell phone. On June 30th, Dotson sent another text message asking the victim “Are you awake love bug?” Dotson, believing she was talking to the victim when in fact it was detectives, arranged a meeting with him at the Cinemark Movie Theater for the purpose of engaging in unlawful sexual conduct. Prior to arriving at the theater, Dotson stopped and picked up a bottle of strawberry warming lubricant from Spencer’s at the Lakeland Mall. Dotson was taken into custody after she showed up as planned at the Lakeland Mall.

Dotson stated that over the last three weeks the relationship between her and the victim evolved from a “Mentorship” to a “Crush” and then a “Romantic relationship.”  Based on the investigation, Dotson was charged with:


·       Sexual Battery (attempt) under 12- (2 counts)

·       Use Computer Device to Solicit a Child

·       Traveling to Meet a Minor

·       Unlawful Use of Communications

 Dotson was later transported to the Polk County Jail on June 30th.