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On December 27th, at 2:47 a.m., the Lakeland Police Department responded to an apartment complex at 810 East First Street in reference to a disturbance/fight . Officers attempted to stop a vehicle at the scene with potential suspects at which time the vehicle fled from the officer. As the vehicle turned onto N. Stella Avenue, it swerved at two Lakeland Police Officers who were on foot in the area breaking up the disturbance. Both officers were nearly hit by the fleeing suspect and they felt as if the vehicle intentionally tried to run over them. Officer Kristopher Conner, 26, fired one round at the vehicle hitting the hood as it approached him. The suspects continued to flee turning west bound onto Memorial Blvd and LPD Officers pursued. The driver jumped out of the vehicle as it was moving at 1045 N. Brunnell Parkway and the vehicle rolled into a duplex causing minor damage to the duplex and parked car.

Officers gave chase of the driver and he was apprehended a short distance away. During the foot chase, Officer Deangelo Anthony was bitten by a Police K-9 and transported to the Lakeland Regional Medical Center (LRMC). Officer Kristopher Conner received a fracture to his right arm during the apprehension of the driver and he was transported to LRMC.

The driver and two passengers were transported to LPD for questioning. They have not been identified at this time. The Violent Crimes Unit and State Attorney’s Office are investigating the shooting. An updated press release will be sent out this morning.


Driver – Ryan Young, 25 yrs of age, 630 Pear Street. Lakeland, Fla

Charges: 2cts of Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon (vehicle) and Aggravated Fleeing to Elude

Passengers – Released and not charged. 

Update from Officer Involved Shooting

From Kathryn Avenue

LAKELAND, FL (December 24, 2014)


The investigation is still ongoing at this time however here are a few more details from the officer involved shooting on December 22nd.

The involved officers are:

1.     SWAT team member - Officer Jason Gates, 30 yrs of age, employed for 2 ½ years.

2.     SWAT team member – Officer Jarrod Robinson, 25 yrs of age, employed for 2 yrs, 10 months.

3.     Officer Christopher Cintron, 34 yrs of age, employed for 4 ½ yrs.

4.     Sgt. Doug Brown, 40 yrs of age, employed for 13 yrs.

Per department policy, the officers will be placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

The handgun that James Monroe pointed at the officers was loaded with 9 rounds to include one round in the chamber. The handgun is described as a Smith & Wesson, 40 caliber, semi-automatic.

The officers fired a total of 31 rounds during the standoff. It is still unknown how many times Monroe was shot at this time as the autopsy has not been completed.

The deceased female, Susan Monroe, located in the house died as a result of a homicide. She had been shot once in the back of the head.

There is no additional information at this time.


On December 22, at 5:10 p.m., The Lakeland Police Department responded to 2804 Kathryn Avenue in reference to a male subject inside stating that someone had committed suicide. The suspect had notified an ex in-law who in return called the police department. Officers arrived on the scene at 5:10 p.m. and observed a male subject through the front window that was armed with a rifle.

The officers were able to make contact with the suspect via a cell phone and begin a dialog at which time the suspect repeatedly made threats that he wanted law enforcement to shoot him. During the incident, the Lakeland Police Department SWAT team responded to assist.  At approximately 11:00pm, the suspect was shot by four LPD officers after he exited the front door with a handgun. It is unknown at this time how many rounds were fired.

The identity of the suspect is not being released at this time until we confirm his identity. Another unidentified body has been located inside the residence deceased from a gunshot injury. Her identity has not been released. Please keep all of the families in your prayers as well as the officers who were forced to take a life in what is called, “Suicide by Cop”. 


The names of the deceased suspect and victim from 2804 Kathryn Avenue



Victim: Susan Monroe, DOB 5/22/57. 2804 Kathryn

Avenue, Lakeland, Fla


Suspect: James Arlen Monroe Jr , DOB 10/11/53.

2804 Kathryn Avenue, Lakeland, Fla.


On December 16th, the Lakeland Police Department responded to 2804 Kathryn Avenue after James Monroe complained of the DEA hiding in his attic. The wife, Susan Monroe felt he needed medication for his behavior. Because of the likelihood that without care or treatment, Monroe may cause serious bodily harm to himself as evident by his behavior, he was taken into custody and transported to the Lakeland Regional Medical Center for involuntary treatment under the Florida Baker Act.

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc., (CALEA) presented the Lakeland Police Department its Public Safety Communications Accreditation at the CALEA Conference in Albuquerque, NM, on Saturday, November 22, 2014. The Lakeland Police Department has now received dual law enforcement/communications accreditation awards.


The CALEA Public Safety Communications Accreditation Program provides a communications center, or the communications unit of a public safety agency, with a process to systemically review and internally assess its operations and procedures.  To obtain this accredited status, the Communications Center must demonstrate compliance with 213 standards.


The standards upon which the Public Safety Communications Accreditation Program is based reflect the current thinking and experience of public safety communications executives and accreditation experts. APCO International (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International, Inc.), the leading communications membership association, was a partner in the development of CALEA’s Standards for Public Safety Communications Agencies© and its Accreditation Program. This relationship continues today as APCO recognizes the achievements of CALEA Accredited Public Safety Communications agencies and supports accreditation.


  • CALEA Accreditation requires the communications center or unit to develop a comprehensive, well thought out uniform set of written directives. This is one of the most successful methods for reaching administrative and operational goals, while also providing direction to personnel.
  • CALEA Accreditation standards provide the necessary reports and analyses a CEO needs to make fact-based, informed management decisions.
  • CALEA Accreditation requires a preparedness program be put in place—so a communications center is ready to address natural or man-made unusual occurrences.
  • CALEA Accreditation is a means for developing or improving upon a communications center’s relationship with the community or the agencies it services.
  • CALEA Accreditation strengthens an agency’s accountability, both within the agency and the community, through a continuum of standards that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities.
  • Being CALEA Accredited can limit a communications center’s liability and risk exposure because it demonstrates that internationally recognized standards for public safety communications have been met, as verified by a team of independent outside CALEA-trained assessors.

     CALEA Accreditation facilitates an agency’s pursuit of professional


The Benefits of having our Public Safety Communications Center accredited are:

  • Provides a management model for agency administration and operations;
  • Produces better trained public safety personnel;
  • Can limit an agency's liability and risk exposure;
  • Promotes greater accountability within the communications center.
  • Demonstrates verification of excellence.

Communications Manager, Bill LePere says, “Completing the two-year project to gain accredited status as a public safety communications center is challenging, but it validates the department’s procedures, training, and overall performance meet or exceed national standards. We are proud of our Emergency Communications Specialists and the services they provide the community with every phone call answered and call for service dispatched. They are the true first, first responders.

The personnel in the attached photograph  from the conference is; left, W. Craig Hartley Jr. , Executive Director of CALEA, Captain Steven Walker, Communications Manager, Bill LePere, Interim Chief Larry Giddens,  JoAnne Munroe, Lead Assessor and  Grayson Robinson ,President/Chairperson for CALEA.