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Update On Officer Involved Shooting

UPDATE On Officer Invovoled Shooting


The suspect in the shooting today has been identified as:

Tommie A. Lanier

DOB 7/3/47 (66 yrs old)

911 Quincy Street, Lakeland, Fla


The suspect was the approximate age and matched the description of the subject that was given out early as being wanted on a misdemeanor warrant and he walking in the same area. When the officers stopped the subject, he backed up and produced a firearm from under his shirt and fired two shots at Officer Mills. Officer Mills was approximately 12 to 15 feet from the subject. Although Officer Mills was struck by at least one bullet in the right arm, he was able to return fire utilizing his duty weapon, as did Sergeant Gary. Officer Mills has been treated and released form the Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

At the time of the incident, Lanier had 4 handguns on his person. Lanier was shot 3 times. It is unknown at this time as to why Lanier fired upon Officer Mills and Sergeant Gary.

 Lanier is listed in critical condition and a warrant is being issued charging him with; Attempted Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer.

The investigation is still ongoing at this time. No photograph is available for Tommie Lanier. 

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Avatar  latoya 3 years ago

God be with both parties,may they both heal. The world seems to be at war,one party vs the other party,it goes on and on. We are suppose to work together not be against one another. Not all officers of lpd are bad,nor are regular people. This man is 66 years old,he's someone dad and grandfather. Hopefully as people we all need to handle circumstances much better. We need more love and peace.

Avatar  John Simpson 3 years ago

My prayers and thoughts are with Ofc. Mills and his family-Godspeed to him and all that serve!!