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At approximately 11:13 a.m., the Lakeland Police Department received several calls in reference to a shooting at 926 Marietta Street. Prior to police arriving at the scene, the victim arrived at the Lakeland Regional Health Emergency Room with several gunshot wounds. The suspect has fled on foot from duplex and was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and red shorts. He is described as a black male with short black hair.

Police K-9 searched the surrounding area while the PCSO Helicopter assisted circulating the surrounding area. Police officers secured off a 5 block radius as well as requesting that four schools be placed on lockdown as a precaution during the search which last approximately 2 hours.

The victim has been identified as Zachary Anton McCray, 23 yrs old, 926 Marietta Street. He is being treated at this time for multiple gunshots wounds and his condition is unknown. The suspects identity is not being released at this time.

The investigation is ongoing at this time and Violent Crime Detectives are still interviewing witnesses. 



The officers Paul Dunn and David Bell were dispatched to meet with a female (girlfriend of suspect) in reference to obtaining some personal property from her residence. While traveling to meet with this female, a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) message transmitted to Officers Dunn and Bell indicated the suspect had two firearms in the residence.  Officers Dunn and Bell interviewed the female and made the decision to respond to the suspect’s residence and speak with him regarding obtaining the female’s personal property. The suspect has earlier taken her cell phone during a dispute which is why she called from the 7-Eleven.

Officers Dunn and Bell drove to the suspect’s residence at 1563 Turtle Rock Drive and knocked and rang the doorbell. The suspect responded to the door in the nude in possession of what appeared to be a black handgun. Officers Dunn and Bell retreated to the side of a garage and began giving the suspect verbal commands to drop the gun. The suspect refused to comply with these commands and was subsequently shot and transported to the Lakeland Regional Health for treatment. A loaded 40 caliber semi-automatic firearm was recovered next to the suspect.

While being treated at the scene, the suspect was combative and still refused any commands and did not want medical treatment. Preliminary investigation reveals that the suspect was shot approximately 4 times.

Members of the Violent Crimes Unit responded and conducted a neighborhood canvass. At least one witness was located that confirmed she could hear the officers giving verbal commands. The female has been identified as the suspect’s girlfriends, Shannon K. Wood, 46 years of age.

The name of the suspect is Wesley Lee Cook, DOB 12/29/71, 1563 Turtle Rock Drive.   He has not been charged at this time and the investigation is still ongoing.

On December 28th at approximately 8:43 pm, the Lakeland Police Department received a phone call from a female needing assistance in getting some personal items out of a house. The female who called from the 7-Eleven on Edgewood Drive, stated she was staying at 1563 Turtle Rock Drive and that she wanted an officer to standby with her to avoid an altercation with the male at this location.

Two Lakeland Police Officers responded to 1563 Turtle Rock Drive and knocked on the front door to make contact with male inside. One officer could see through a side window next to the door a male approaching with what appeared to be a handgun in his hand. Both officers backed up towards the garage while still giving commands for the male to drop the handgun. When the front door opened with male subject still armed with a handgun, the officer perceived a deadly threat and then fired several rounds hitting the male. The male subject dropped down to the floor after being shot and was taken into custody. The male subject was transported to Lakeland Regional Health Hospital where he remains in critical condition. It is unknown at this time how many times the officers fired or how many times the subject was shot.

This investigation is still very fluid and Violent Crime Detectives are still conducting interviews at this time into the early morning hours. The identity of the suspect shot and the female who called the police asking for assistance is unknown at this time. Detectives are still at the scene along with Crime Scene Personnel and no other information is available. An updated press release will be sent out tomorrow afternoon as new information is learned.

Officer Paul Dunn, 46 yrs old, has been identified as the officer involved in the shooting. He has been employed by LPD for 2 ½ years. Per department policy, the officer will be placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. 

On June 10th at 6:50 p.m., an anonymous caller called 911 to report a shooting at 1031 North Florence Avenue. Officers arrived and entered the residence through an unlocked door and located the victim who was lying on his back in the living room. The victim had a gunshot wound. The victim was transported to Lakeland Regional Health in critical condition and at this time, he is still admitted. No other updates on his condition at this time.

Detectives from the Violent Crimes Unit (VCU) responded to the scene to investigate and at this time no arrests have been made. Detectives are continuing to interview potential witnesses and following up on leads. We are not releasing the location the victim was shot or how many times as this is still an ongoing investigation. The victim has been identified as:

Chauncey Rollins, DOB 10/19/78. Unknown address at this time. 

The Lakeland Police Department continues its investigation into the shooting of an armed sexual battery suspect. There is no additional information at this time as to why David Cuevas was allowed to bond out in Pennsylvania.

Cuevas checked in at the Crestwood Suite Extended Stay Hotel, 4360 Lakeland Park Dr, Lakeland. This is within 2 blocks of the location he decided to meet the victim at which was Lake Gibson Park. A search of his hotel room revealed a duffel bag with rope, duct tape, chains, stun gun, and leg restraints.

Also located in his vehicle (Nissan Xterra) that he drove Lake Gibson Park were 725 9mm rounds, additional leg restraints, two (2) pair of handcuffs, knife and binoculars.

A search of Cuevas revealed that he had four (4) loaded magazines for his 9mm handgun in his rear pocket. It is apparent that this violent offender was intent of committing yet another senseless crime which possibly would have been the abduction and murder of the victim had not our detectives intervened. Our detectives did an outstanding job getting this dangerous felon off the streets and interrupting his goal to comment another crime.

Detectives stated that after Cuevas bonded out of Pennsylvania and prior to arriving in Lakeland, he had the victim’s name tattooed on him indicating his obsession with her.

The shooting can be described as a running gun battle as detectives gave chase and observed Cuevas turn and pulled a loaded firearm from his waist band. While running, the detectives fired a total of 18 rounds hitting Cuevas 7 times. No one else was injured during this incident.